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Graeme Anderson | Build Strategy - Oct 10, 2017

6 Social Media Strategies For Effective Consumer Engagement

In January of 2016, Burger King challenged Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal on Twitter:
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Graeme Anderson | Community Manager - Oct 5, 2017

Insurance and Customer Experience: 60% of Millennials Want Both Traditional and Digital Communications

Insurers and Millennials: Defining the Consumer Relationship
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Ana Cerezal | Build Strategy - Aug 30, 2017

Insight-Driven Strategies, Social Intelligence Trends and more at dmexco 2017!

Are you counting down the days to dmexco, the the top digital marketing event of the year? On September 13 & 14, Digimind’s Insights Team of social media experts will share 18 years of data experience with whoever is looking...
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Austin Williams | Analysis - Jul 28, 2017

Social CRM: How to identify and target your key customers and prospects?

Brands and retail professionals recognize the strategic importance of improving and personalizing the experience of their customers and prospects. However, very few of them actually invest in a Social CRM strategy.
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Austin Williams | Analysis - Jul 27, 2017

10 Uses of Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Sales

As part of the development and implementation of new marketing strategies, an influencer is a person who possesses the requisite authority, legitimacy, and relevance, and reach to sufficiently facilitate the following ten...
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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jul 26, 2017

Understanding Value Exchange Through Social and Consumer Insights | Socialize NYC Cruise July 2017

On a breezy Tuesday evening, marketers from renowned brands such as Vans, DirecTV, AT&T, Susan G. Komen, Four Seasons Hotel, and Universal Music Group sailed around Manhattan with Digimind during our second annual Socialize...
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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jun 30, 2017

How Social Listening Can Reveal Your Competitors' Strategies

There are of course many benefits to social media listening. Brands commonly utilize social listening to plan content, messaging, target audiences for upcoming campaigns, engage with influencers and fans and followers, and...
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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jun 27, 2017

Influencing the Customer Journey with Social | Corporate Social Media Summit June 2017

On Thursday, June 15th, Digimind had the pleasure of participating as a gold sponsor at the annual Corporate Social Media Summit in New York City.
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Austin Williams | Brands - Jun 21, 2017

Kevin Hart Was the King of Father's Day

For reasons that remain mysterious to most marketers, Father’s Day doesn’t get nearly as much love online as Mother’s Day. After monitoring how the average American spent Mother’s Day, there was a lot to take away from the...
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2 min read BlogEN_Online-Retailers-Killed-the-Department-Store-Cover-1068x775
Austin Williams | Brands - Jun 15, 2017

How Online Retailers Leverage Social Media to Outperform Department Stores

One very silly argument marketers of a certain age tend to make is that millennials are killing department stores. This opinion is equal parts misguided and misleading. Online retailers, in fact, are killing department stores....
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