4 min read
Sabine Dorgan | Digital Marketing - Jul 11, 2022

How to Optimize your Digital Share of Voice in Order to Boost your Business Activity?

In a context when digital marketing budgets are constantly growing , the online blue ocean has turned to red , and one needs to sharpen tactics so that you get a chance to have an impact on business. Time has come to put your...
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9 min read Digimind social listening Blog How to build your online brand reputation
Nico Prins (Guest Author) | Crisis Management - Jan 10, 2022

How to Measure Your Online Brand Reputation?

Online brand reputation is the image of your company seen by the internet users. Various factors like online reviews, consumer forums, news articles, social behavior, and visibility in search results impact your brand reputation.
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6 min read
Micah Levin | Digital Marketing - Jul 6, 2021

Handling Brand Crises With Social Listening

There are many types of crises that professionals of all stripes have to deal with when operating within the marketplace. If you work on a crisis management team - usually as a Public Relations (PR) Manager - then you have a...
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