4 min read how-adolescents-use-social-media
Graeme Anderson | Benchmark - Dec 28, 2017

How Adolescents Use Social Media

To gain a more precise understanding of the practices and habits social media users aged 12-17, BETC Digital launched a four-month long study in which they interviewed French 12-17 year-olds about their use of social media and...
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2 min read facebook-vs-twitter-vs-instagram
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Jul 11, 2017

Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram: How Customers Are Interacting with Online Retailers on Social

According to Social Media Examiner’s 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 90% of marketers surveyed cited “figuring out how to best connect with people” a key concern, with 86% of the same group considering “locating...
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2 min read top-20-retail-us-retail-companies-on-social-media
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Sep 16, 2016

REPORT: The Top 20 U.S. Retail Companies on Social Media

The retail industry is in for a turbulent future as retail sales struggle overall across the country. This report analyzes the top 20 retailers in the U.S. and measures their social media efforts and campaigns to gain market...
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1 min read malaysia
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Aug 31, 2016

Report: Malaysia's Top Telecommunications Companies on Social Media

We covered Singapore’s telecommunications industry on social media in our last post: which companies are leading the pack on social, and what makes customers tick?
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2 min read digimind-ranked-4th-in-G2-crowd
Jerome Maisch | Benchmark - Aug 17, 2016

Digimind Social ranked 4th in G2 Crowd's Top 50 Software Products

Digimind is proud to once again be chosen by G2 Crowd as one of the top small business software products.
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2 min read digimind-named-strong-performer-in-forrester-wave
Melissa Chue | Benchmark - Aug 15, 2016

Digimind is proud to be named a strong performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Asia Pacific Enterprise Social Listening Platforms, Q1 2016”

What a year it’s been for social - even though we’ve just barely crossed into the second half! As the digital and social landscape is ever shifting, Digimind remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social listening for our...
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3 min read top-companies
Jerome Maisch | Benchmark - Aug 3, 2016

REPORT: The Top 50 Insurance Companies on Social Media

The insurance industry is traditionally indebted with rules, regulations and corporate vernacular that it’s hard to see a common connection between its outward image and public perception and social media.
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4 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jan 14, 2013

How to Avoid 4 Common Causes of Business Failure

Although figures vary, it’s estimated that between half and 75% of businesses are destined to fail within the first three years. One of the startling things about the sheer number of businesses that go under in the first few...
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