9 min read Exclusive-Insights-Into-AI-and-Insurance-Featured Image
CYL | Crisis Management - Apr 4, 2024

Exclusive Insights Into AI and Insurance

As AI advancements continue to push boundaries, the delineation of liability within the insurance realm becomes increasingly ambiguous. How does this uncertainty resonate with consumers?
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7 min read
CYL | Insurance - Mar 27, 2024

What Do Insurance and K-pop Have in Common?

K-pop has undeniably emerged as a cultural force that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide. Since its inception, It has steadily gained momentum, propelled by chart-topping songs, dynamic choreography, and...
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4 min read insurance-companies-optimize-customer-service
Graeme Anderson | Build Strategy - Oct 3, 2017

3 Strategies for Insurance Companies to Optimize Their Customer Service

A case study on how insurance brands can optimize online customer care through real-time analysis of online conversations.
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4 min read generate-new-business-using-social-intelligence
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 22, 2017

How Insurance Brands Can Generate New Business Using Social Intelligence

A case study on how social media can help insurance providers generate new business leads through online prospect analysis.
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