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Alina Taher | social media listening - Dec 4, 2019

How to Uberize Your Industry with Social Media Listening (or Avoid Being Uberized!)

Uber, the world leader in ride-hailing, has given birth to the term “Uberization”, meaning the transformation of an industry by introducing a different way of using it, especially with mobile technology. Thanks to new...
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Melissa Chue | Brands - Nov 27, 2019

Social Media Listening Tips for Creating a Future-Proof Brand Strategy

“I don’t have 2020 vision” may have sparked more than a few memes and laughs in the past years. But the reality is marketers across industries are faced with this daunting question every time they’re forecasting their...
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Alina Taher | Influencers Marketing - Nov 26, 2019

Influencer Marketing: Engaging Centennials & Millennials

Understanding how much influence influencers really have, how to interact with them, and why the youth desire to become one. 
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Susanne Morris | Events - Oct 22, 2019

3 Key Social Listening Strategies For Understanding Deeper Consumer Insights

At our first ever SocializeDC, marketers from leading brands and agencies joined Digimind for an informative evening of panel discussions, networking, and after work treats. We welcomed Social Listening and Insights Manager ...
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Vanessa Ong | Insight Driven Marketing - Oct 21, 2019

Blueprints for a Dynamo Brand in 2019 with Social Media Listening | Dentsu Dynamo Brand Index

To thrive in the digital-based New Economy, companies need to be fast and fluid enough to deal with the constant change and demand for new products, services, and experiences. Brands possessing these two qualities are known as...
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Vanessa Ong | Insight Driven Marketing - Oct 17, 2019

Creating Direction and Trust with Social Media Listening | Dentsu Dynamo Brand Index

Have you ever wondered why brands like KitKat and Microsoft are so successful at building and maintaining their brands, while others struggle to stand out and survive? What are the key traits of a recognizable brand with a...
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Melissa Chue | social media for business - Oct 10, 2019

How to Set Up An Actionable and Effective Social Listening Project

“What the #$@% is social listening?!”   It’s a question all marketers have asked before. Either you’ve heard of social media listening, or you’re still trying to understand how to do it effectively.
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Vanessa Ong | Insight Driven Marketing - Oct 1, 2019

Driving Customer Engagement & Energy with Social Listening | Dentsu Dynamo Brand Index

Digital has changed the rules of the game. Once dominant players, who commanded scale, heritage, and share of voice, are now finding themselves faced with digital disruption. For brands today, standing still is not enough....
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Alina Taher | Crisis management - Aug 8, 2019

What Factors Cause Bad Buzz and Crises on Social Networks?

65% of companies who have experienced a reputation crisis say that social media made their crisis more difficult to manage; however, 55% feel social media aided their recovery.  How has social media impacted the spread of bad...
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Alina Taher | Insight Driven Marketing - Aug 6, 2019

10 Rules for Choosing Your Social Media KPIs

How do you choose social media KPIs to track your digital marketing activities? Locate yourself in the Marketing Conversion Funnel Don't label certain KPIs as "bad" Customize your indicators Consider qualitative metrics ...
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