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Nour Nasr - Oct 4, 2022

Top 20 Food & Beverage Companies in the Netherlands in 2022

Since we just started the fourth quarter of this year, Digimind decided to analyse the data from the first quarter till the third one to highlight the main variations in mentions and the shifts in popularity of some top companies in the Food & Beverage industry in the Netherlands.


We were able to create the appropriate charts to provide you the information regarding the "Top Food & Beverage brands in the Netherlands in 2022" in the most understandable manner possible thanks to the collecting of online data with the use of tools like Digimind Historical Search.


Trends of the top F&B companies in Q1 to Q3 of 2022

In order to better visualize the tweaks in mentions of the top food & beverage brands in the Netherlands, the table below was created. The table includes not only the online mentions on social networks, but also the ranking and evolution in score of each brand. These different factors were able to identify in a clearer way which brands succeeded in gaining new audiences and a good reputation and which ones stayed the same or lost consumers' interest along the way.


The most significant increase📈  in mentions from Q1 to Q3 was from Jumbo, one of the major supermarket chains in the Netherlands, that witnessed huge increases in popularity through the year due to new expansion plans, despite the declining market. 


In regards to the most noticeable decrease📉 in mentions through the year, it was from Nestlé, that experienced a loss of almost 10,000 mentions from Q1 to Q3. The main reason for this drop was due to the second increase in prices in Nestlé products & sub-brands like Maggi and Perrier since Covid-19.


Wonder how other brands performed at this time? The Top 20 are listed below:


Ups and downs of main brands in Q2 & Q3 of 2022

The bar race chart below highlights the shifts in mentions in the last two quarters, Q2 and Q3 of 2022, of the main food & beverage brands in the country. As a matter of fact, compared to the table above representing the difference between the three quarters, it is easy to recognize the slight similarities between Q2 and Q3 compared to Q1. 


Beverage companies

For big beverage companies like Heineken, Innocent drinks and Coca-Cola, we can observe some competition between the three, as there are obvious shifts in mentions that seem to overlap at times and thus leading to some changes in positions in the market.


Consequently, we can see a constant increase in mentions through both quarters for the three companies; this reflects the positive aspects of the brands in regards to their reputation, their work ethic and their customer retention.


Retail companies

Regarding supermarket chains like Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Lidl,  what is obvious from the bar race chart below is that Jumbo and Albert Heijn are leaders in the industry. Jumbo is the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands by having over 650 stores spread in multiple cities in the country; while Albert Heijn  is the first, with more than 1,000 stores, along with around 40 hypermarkets.


On the other hand, Lidl appears to have less of a presence in the country, with approximately 450 stores back in 2021; however, this chain still plans on growing and attaining more cities, in order to be able to compete one day with Jumbo and Albert Heijn.


If you want to look more into the highs and lows in mentions of other than the brands mentioned, take a look at the bar race chart below!


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