31 min read
CYL | Crisis Management - May 31, 2024

Eurovision 2024: Analyzing Consumer Sentiment on Performers and Sponsorships

This year's Eurovision Song Contest has been unlike any other, marked by significant controversy from various angles. Many believe it to be the most contentious edition in the event's history, primarily due to the political mire...
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11 min read Digimind APAC Hotels Industry Scan Featured Image Blog
CYL | Crisis Management - May 10, 2024

AirBnB: Exclusive Consumer Insights

In recent years, the hospitality landscape has been dramatically reshaped by the undeniable rise of Airbnb.
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12 min read Digimind APAC Automotive Industry Scan
CYL | Crisis Management - May 8, 2024

EV Brands: Get Your Competitors’ Insights

The slowdown in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales can be attributed to the fact that only one model, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 SE RWD Long Range, aligns with the criteria that most drivers prioritize when purchasing a car: charging times...
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15 min read Digimind APAC Hotels Industry Scan
CYL | Crisis Management - May 7, 2024

Bed and Bathrooms; New Trends That Hotels Should Note

In 2024, the Asia Pacific travel sector experienced a remarkable resurgence, approaching pre-pandemic tourism levels with a sturdy 20% surge in travel revenue compared to the preceding year, with insights from Reuters and TTG...
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9 min read Exclusive-Insights-Into-AI-and-Insurance-Featured Image
CYL | Crisis Management - Apr 4, 2024

Exclusive Insights Into AI and Insurance

As AI advancements continue to push boundaries, the delineation of liability within the insurance realm becomes increasingly ambiguous. How does this uncertainty resonate with consumers?
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12 min read
CYL | Crisis Management - Apr 2, 2024

Hermès Birkin Lawsuit: Breaking down Exclusive Insights

Few brands command the reverence and prestige associated with Hermès. Renowned for its timeless craftsmanship and iconic designs, the French luxury brand has long been synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication.
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30 min read How to optimize your crisis monitoring on social networks?
Christophe Asselin | Crisis Management - May 9, 2023

Crisis Monitoring : Definition and Tips for Carrying it Out Effectively

How to Optimize Your Crisis Monitoring on Social Networks? Since 2019, the world has experienced a series of global crises, and all companies and organizations will likely encounter a crisis at some point. In addition to...
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8 min read E-reputation Monitoring: 3 Steps to Audit and Map Your Reputation - Digimind Blog
Gabrielle Aliotta | Crisis Management - Sep 29, 2022

E-reputation Monitoring: 3 Steps to Audit and Map Your Reputation

The Challenges of E-Reputation Monitoring for Your BrandReputation is the perception that Internet users have of your company, your brand, or the people who collaborate with it (executives, employees). Digital reputation or...
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12 min read 3 essential KPIs to predict and measure the real impact of a crisis on your brand reputation - Digimind Blog
Gabrielle Aliotta | Crisis Management - Sep 8, 2022

3 Essential KPIs to Predict and Measure the Real Impact of a Crisis

Smartphone-based social media, as so many mobile users have witnessed, has led to instant propaganda and sharing, the importance of influencers, the virality of specific topics, and the polarization of speech. Discussions can...
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14 min read 3 steps to measure the impact of reputation crises on your brand
Jared Silitonga | Crisis Management - Sep 8, 2022

3 Steps to Measure the Impact of Reputation Crises on Your Brand

While a company can try to strengthen its brand reputation through communication and content campaigns, brand perception is ultimately shaped by consumers' opinions and experiences.
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