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Christophe Asselin | fake news - May 24, 2023

Social Media Giants Fight Against Fake News: Moving Forward or Stagnant?

The topic of fake news has brought attention to the actions (or lack thereof) of social media giants. Let's explore whether they are making progress or remaining stagnant.
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CYL | Digital Marketing - May 23, 2023

Tools for Market Research

Market research is a valuable tool for businesses to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences. However, it’s important to recognize that market research has limitations and cannot answer every aspect of consumer...
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7 min read Digimind - Blog - Fake News 5 Tips to Combat It - Featured Image
Christophe Asselin | fake news - May 17, 2023

Fake News: The 5 Most Important Things You Need to Know to Understand and Combat It

Fake news, as defined by Ifop, is intentionally created and spread online with the purpose of deceiving people. Despite efforts to combat it over the past four years, the battle against this phenomenon remains a formidable...
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30 min read How to optimize your crisis monitoring on social networks?
Christophe Asselin | Crisis Management - May 9, 2023

Crisis Monitoring : Definition and Tips for Carrying it Out Effectively

How to Optimize Your Crisis Monitoring on Social Networks? Since 2019, the world has experienced a series of global crises, and all companies and organizations will likely encounter a crisis at some point. In addition to...
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22 min read Importance and Benefits of Social Listening - Digimind - Blog
Micah Levin | Brands - May 3, 2023

What is Social Listening: Definition, Benefits, Top 5 Tools Guide

What’s This I Hear About Social Listening?
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9 min read
CYL | Social Listening - Apr 20, 2023

When Trust is at Stake: Protecting Your Brand from Reputational Risk

From social media to 24-hour news cycles, a company's reputation can be its greatest asset and biggest liability. The stakes have never been higher, and the need for effective reputational risk management has never been more...
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7 min read Weak Signals on Social Media
CYL | Social Listening - Apr 18, 2023

Out with the Old, in with the New: Market Research and Social Listening

As traditional market research methods become less effective, businesses are turning to modern approaches, such as social listening, to gather valuable consumer insights.
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10 min read Digimind Blog - 7 Tips to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing Efforts - Header Image
Hazel Raoult | Social Listening - Mar 2, 2023

7 Tips to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

With customer centricity becoming one of the key components for business success, many brands are investing in making their customers the focal point of their marketing efforts. They leverage different mediums and tools to...
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5 min read Why APAC Brands Will Need Podcast Monitoring in 2023
Léa BOUTRON | Social Listening - Jan 31, 2023

Why APAC Brands Will Need Podcast Monitoring in 2023

Asian companies are facing an increasing demand for podcast monitoring as the popularity of podcasts continues to grow in the region. Podcasts are a powerful medium for delivering information and entertainment, and they are...
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6 min read Digimind Blog - Influencer Marketing in the New Normal - Featured Image
Jared Silitonga | Social Listening - Jan 30, 2023

Influencer Marketing's Value In The Digital World's "New Normal"

The marketing landscape has kept on evolving over the centuries. Sometimes a momentum of change is brought about that completely revolutionizes the ways that have been followed for decades. We have moved far away from the World...
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