1 min read 8-business-opportunities-you-can-unlock-with-social-media
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Sep 5, 2017

8 Business Opportunities You Can Unlock with Social Media

With over 3 billion active social media users around the world (We Are Social, Global Statshot: Digital in Q3 2017), it is inevitable that social will continue to shape all aspects of business opportunities across industries.
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1 min read twitter-5
Jerome Maisch | Infographic - Jul 29, 2016

[Infographic] The benefits of Twitter Digital Marketing

With between 80 to 90 million unique visitors in the US alone (Statista, 2015), Twitter Digital Marketing has become an absolute must for your Social Media and overall digital marketing strategy. 59% of tweeters are under 34, 45%...
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2 min read pharmacovigilance
Jerome Maisch | Healthcare - Mar 17, 2016

#Pharmacovigilance: 4 Reasons why we should be listening to Social Media

In our modern society, each new day can be unrecognizable from the last. Technological advancements come and go so frequently that we often miss trends that are right in front of us; the health and pharmaceutical industry is no...
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countingdown2016_socialmediatrends (1) (1)
Melissa Chue | Infographic - Dec 29, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Counting down to 2016 on social media [Singapore edition]

As we count down to 2016, we at Digimind put on our listening ears to find out what the top New Year's resolutions are on social media in Singapore.
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1 min read Holiday-gift-wishlist
Jerome Maisch | Infographic - Dec 22, 2015

A Social Media Holiday Gift Wish List [Infographic]

Did you know that at least 20% of consumers do all of their holiday shopping the week before Christmas, even up to the last few days before the holiday? Every year shoppers wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping...
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1 min read social-command-center-main-1024x483
Melissa Chue | Infographic - Oct 26, 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Leverage Social Media Command Centers for Your Organization

Social media command centers are an innovative way of showcasing data in beautiful and dynamic displays, but they’re not just for marketers. Other departments, from customer service to product development, can benefit from...
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1 min read Businesses-CommandCenter
Melissa Chue | Infographic - Oct 1, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Social Media Command Center

Within a company, social media data offers insights into every department, from product development to sales and customer service.
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1 min read Social Media Platforms (1)
Melissa Chue | Infographic - Jun 15, 2015

[INFOGRAPHIC] Which #socialmediaplatform is the best for your business?

Social media is all the rage, and marketers worth their salt are taking to it to engage their customers and grow their brand. This infographic shows you how best to leverage social media for your business needs.
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