The Value of Social Intelligence Reporting Platforms for Agencies

Digital strategists, analysts, and social media managers all seek to leverage intelligence software in order to optimize production, guarantee customer satisfaction, and create expansion opportunities.
Social Wall Times Square

Introducing Digimind Social Wall, the Market’s Most Powerful Social Data Visualization Tool

Comprehensive, simple, and flexible. Digimind Social Wall empowers professionals to share the information that matters most to their organization across departments to make informed, smarter business decisions.Social Wall is a must-have for marketing professionals across...

Crisis Management: Aligning Digital and Offline Promotional Campaigns

A case study on real-time crisis-management for digital and offline campaigns.
4 Ways to Maximize Your Event's Marketing Impact with Social Media

4 Ways to Maximize Your Event’s Marketing Impact with Social Media

Whether it’s product launch or a booth at a trade show, the goal of every marketing event is to generate positive buzz for the brand, and create opportunities for sales teams to engage new customers. Here are some social media strategies to boost your next marketing event.

Sponsorship Acquisition and Retention: The Essential Event Marketing KPIs

A commonly recurring issue for many brands is the ability to attract event sponsors by effectively communicating brand value to investors.

Agencies and Competitor Analysis: The Best Data-Driven Techniques

Competitor analysis on social media is a strategic activity which should not be overlooked when determining service offerings.