3 Key Strategies for KPI Development and Measuring Campaign Success

A look into how KPIs are used to measure the success of marketing campaigns.One of the many advantages of digital marketing is the relative ease of measuring the success of communications in real time. The...
3 steps to measure a crisis impact on your brand reputation

3 Steps to Measure a Crisis’ Impact on Your Brand’s Reputation

The best contingency plans are executed in a timely manner. See how you can quickly measure and analyze the impact of a crisis on your brand's reputation and define your next course of action.

6 Social Media Strategies For Effective Consumer Engagement

In January of 2016, Burger King challenged Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal on Twitter:’s wasted no time in responding to this challenge. When a customer Tweeted at Wendy’s asking them what made their deal more...

Insurance and Customer Experience: 60% of Millennials Want Both Traditional and Digital Communications

Insurers and Millennials: Defining the Consumer RelationshipThe proliferation of digital distribution channels has caused a widespread reevaluation of business processes across many industries. Evidently, the insurance sector is no exception. The use of digital technologies...

3 Strategies for Insurance Companies to Optimize Their Customer Service

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How to Retain Customers and Increase Sales Using Social Insights

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