Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

Increase Website Traffic in 4 Simple Steps Using Social Media

One common website goal for marketing teams is to drive traffic to websites, because if your website isn’t attracting visitors then you won’t be generating sales or achieving your business goals. Here's how you can drive website traffic through social.
How to Implement a successful multichannel strategy

Social Networks: How to Implement a Successful Multichannel Strategy

Adopting a multi-channel strategySocial networks have changed the way we build relationships with peers, businesses, and communities around the world. The digital world is constantly evolving, and retailers have now integrated social networks into...

Social CRM: How to identify and target your key customers and prospects?

Brands and retail professionals recognize the importance of a social CRM strategy, yet few actually invest in one. Here are some tips they could learn from.
How Social Media Monitoring Can Help Increase Brand Awareness

How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Increase Brand Awareness

Without data, brand awareness campaigns become little more than a shot in the dark. Here's how marketers can reach the right audience on the right channels.

10 Uses of Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Sales

An influencer is a person who possesses the requisite authority, legitimacy, and relevance, and reach to sufficiently facilitate the following ten marketing uses:
How to use social media monitoring to unlock your customer's opinions

5 Ways Companies Can Leverage Consumer Insights From Social Media

The rise of social media as a communication channel has enabled customers to share millions of opinions about brands every day. Here's how you can access real-time consumer insights to increase customer engagement, brand loyalty, and ultimately, sales.