internal marketing for competitive intelligence projects

Generate Interest in your Competitive Intelligence Project with these Internal Marketing Strategies

You don't have to be an internal marketing expert to create content and events that inspire interest in your Competitive Intelligence project. You just need the right tools in your toolbox. This article lists the nine...

The Essential Social Media KPIs for Improving an Agency’s Campaign Performance

How one agency planned a successful campaign by analyzing social media KPIs.When marketing and communication agencies plan and design a campaign, the most fundamental questions they have to answer aren’t creative or operational in nature;...

Identifying Expansion Opportunities: How Insight-Driven Agencies Use Social Intelligence

A case study of an insight-driven agency’s utilization of social intelligence to generate customer loyalty and expansion opportunities.Previous articles have established that digital agencies use social intelligence to outline and present their competitive advantages to...
Twitter Hashtag

How Brands Can Analyze Hashtags to Better Target Customers

August 23, 2017 marked a very special anniversary in the history of digital media: the tenth birthday of Twitter’s famous hashtags. In the decade they’ve been around, hashtags have become a cultural phenomenon and a...

Deliver a Winning Customer Marketing Strategy With Real-Time Insights in 3 Steps

As brands face increasing challenges in driving customer loyalty, how can brands evolve their customer marketing strategies using social media data?
agency pitch process

Insight-Driven Agencies: How to Win More Pitches Using Social Intelligence

A case study of how a leading international marketing and communications agency, utilized social insights to win one of its most competitive pitches.Today, insight-driven digital agencies have a valuable ally to optimize their pitch process,...