10 min read Digimind Social ChatGPT Powered Social Listening Data - Featured Image
Jared Silitonga | Insights - Mar 15, 2023

Your Dream Insights Assistant is ChatGPT Powered

ChatGPT was earmarked as a breakthrough piece of software since its inception, but at the turn of 2023, it has now become the world’s most popular application, reaching 100 million users within two months after launching.
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7 min read Technologies behind the genius of social media listening and monitoring - Digimind Blog
Gabrielle Aliotta | machine learning - Aug 3, 2022

4 Key Technologies Behind the Genius of Social Media Listening & Monitoring Software

The term artificial intelligence for processes and software is often overworked and overused. It has become a marketing ploy that sometimes refers to algorithms, which are extremely well-designed but far from being intelligent...
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