8 min read Digimind Blog - Sentiment Analysis: The Powerful Tool Professional Marketers Can't Afford To Ignore
Durga Kudumula | Brand Protection - Jan 13, 2023

Sentiment Analysis: The Powerful Tool Professional Marketers Can't Afford To Ignore

These are trying times for businesses. Competition is fierce. Customers have several options. As a brand, if you fail to establish that personal connection with your customers, they are highly likely to switch to your...
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5 min read A machine-learning approach to media listening: Automatic analysis of unusual peaks and trends - Digimind Blog
Gabrielle Aliotta | Product Updates - Oct 6, 2022

A Machine-Learning Approach to Media Listening: Automatic Analysis of Unusual Peaks and Trends

A few weeks ago, we saw 4 examples of monitoring and social media listening technologies: machine learning, deep learning, etc. for automatic language processing, sentiment analysis, intelligent automatic classification, and...
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8 min read instagram reels cover
Nour Nasr | Social Listening - Jul 28, 2022

Digimind monitors & analyzes Instagram reels

Since the beginning of the summer, Digimind Social has made it possible to collect Instagram Reels whether on your own accounts (Owned Media) or other accounts that interest you (Earned Media). So you can capture the big...
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5 min read
Louise Bui | Product Updates - Apr 19, 2022

Digimind Spring '22 Release: Make Strategic Decisions with Digimind New AI-powered Analysis Graphs: Radar Chart, Metric Graphs, Sentiment Analysis, and More

Spring is finally in the air! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and everyone seems to be a little bit more cheerful. Of course, with the arrival of spring comes a new crop of features for Digimind Social. We've been...
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7 min read
Louise Bui | Product Updates - Jan 6, 2022

Digimind Winter ‘22 Release: Unlock the past, upgrade your insights coverage with Historical Search, LinkedIn and TikTok Monitoring, and Dead Links Management.

Once again, the season of mistletoe, reindeers, stockings, and Santa Claus is here! As the holiday season comes with the company of a cold winter breeze, we’re ready and bundled up for the arrival of Q1. May you be decorating a...
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8 min read
Louise Bui | Product Updates - Oct 21, 2021

Digimind Fall '21 Release: Deepen Your Connection with Consumers with Enhanced Instagram and Web Tracking, improved mobile access, and many more!

As leaves turn from green to brown and cover the ground, we’re here to welcome the beginning of Q4 with a warm cup of tea. May you be working remotely or in the office, adjusting to the constantly changing ‘new normal’ is no...
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11 min read
Louise Bui | Product Updates - Jun 3, 2021

Digimind Spring '21 Release: Enrich Consumer Insights With Amazon and Best Buy Reviews Data and Optimize Brand Reputation With Paid Media Monitoring

Discover what the new Digimind Spring'21 Release has to offer.
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10 min read
Louise Bui | Product Updates - Feb 5, 2021

Digimind Winter '21 Release: Richer Consumer Intelligence Data, Seamless Workflows, and more!

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that you have to fight to stay in the game. Brands and businesses understand this better than most, as they were most affected by the tumultuous ups and downs of the last 10 months. Put more aptly...
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8 min read Digimind Marketplace
Louise Bui | Product Updates - Jan 29, 2021

Supercharge Your Digimind Workflows With Zapier Integrations

The field of marketing is an ever-growing, and ever-changing field, with various tools, apps, and platforms needed in order to juggle the multiple needs of your brand. Whether it’s social media content scheduling software, or a...
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