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Brands and retail professionals recognize the importance of a social CRM strategy, yet few actually invest in one. Here are some tips they could learn from.

10 Uses of Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Sales

An influencer is a person who possesses the requisite authority, legitimacy, and relevance, and reach to sufficiently facilitate the following ten marketing uses:

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Marketers from renowned brands sailed around Manhattan with Digimind during our second annual Socialize NYC Cruise. Here's a recap of a wondrous night.

How Social Listening Can Reveal Your Competitors’ Strategies

The ability to monitor your competitors & gain insight into their activities on social is a benefit that is just as helpful as monitoring your own audience.

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On Thursday, June 15th, Digimind had the pleasure of participating as a gold sponsor at the annual Corporate Social Media Summit in New York City.

Kevin Hart Was the King of Father’s Day

Father’s Day doesn’t get nearly as much love online as Mother’s Day. To capitalize off the holiday, consumers need to already be loyal to your brand.

How Online Retailers Leverage Social Media to Outperform Department Stores

Although marketers of a certain age tend to claim millennials are killing department stores, online retailers, in fact, are to blame.

Top Challenges and Opportunities for Online Retailers Using Social Listening

Last week, JackThreads went out of business. The death of an online brand provides an important opportunity to reflect on certain pressures unique to them.

Sneaker Brands’ Unique Opportunity in Social Listening

Once a sole interest of children and athletes, sneaker collecting became a passion for adults of various walks of life. Here's how retailers can capitalize.

Three Brand Benefits of Sponsoring Endurance Challenges

Endurance challenges afford outdoor and athletic brands unique marketing opportunities—not to simply fill signup sheets, but to take real shots at virality.