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Aurelien Blaha - Jul 14, 2020

The Most Discussed Brands in Q2 2020 and during Covid-19 lockdown

What were the most discussed brands online in Q2 2020? Amazon, Netflix, Nintendo, Tiktok and Zoom made it to the Top 5 this quarter. 


Ups and downs in Q2 2020

📈 The most significant increase in Q2 came from Zoom, with a 322% rise in online discussions compared to Q1. Online discussions about Zoom actually started in Q1 with the Covid-19 lockdown and work-from-home, but Q2 also seen a lot of discussion about Zoom's security and privacy issues.


📉 The most significant drop in Q2 came from Boeing, with a 50% drop in online discussion compared to Q1. At the beginning of Q1, a lot of discussions were still going on about Boeing 737 Max being grounded, but these became close to none when the Covid-19 lockdown drove people's attention to other topics.


Wonder about how other brands did during this period? Check out the Top 50 below:


The rise of Stay-at-Home Industries in H1 2020

Q2 has seen the acceleration of the rise of Stay-at-Home industries that started in Q1 of 2020, and that benefited its related brands: 
🎮 Gaming: Nintendo (#3), Playstation (#12), Xbox (#15)
📼 Video streaming: Amazon Prime (#1), Netflix (#2), Disney (#10), HBO (#29)
👩‍💻 Work-from-home: Zoom (#5), Microsoft (#19)
📦 Shipping & Delivery: Amazon (#1), Walmart (#17), Paypal (#21)
💌 Messaging apps: WhatsApp (#6), Skype (#40)

The bar race chart below shows the impressive rise of Nintendo and TikTok while Netflix, Google, and Apple hold the fort! Watch until the end to see Zoom enter the Top 10 brands of H1 2020!



To learn more about this trend, download our free report "Understanding the Rise of Stay-at-Home Industries", in partnership with Socialbakers. See you next quarter for the Top Most Discussed Brands of Q3 2020 ! 

Digimind Stay At Home Brands Report Jun 2020

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