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Susanne Morris - Feb 18, 2020

5 Reasons Why Messenger Marketing Is Important For Your Brand

What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing connects businesses directly to customers and prospects through mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. 


Likewise, messenger marketing serves as a convenient method of direct communication from your brand to customers, as well as a marketing tool for your brand that actively reaches out to prospective clients. There's a lot that brands could do with messenger apps, but here we have listed top 5 reasons for brands to use messenger marketing for.


1. Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy 

According to a Hubspot poll, consumers are more than twice as likely to open a messenger broadcast than an email. More so, there is a 13.1% average click rate for content broadcast through messaging apps compared to a 2.1% average click rate of content in emails. 


This significant difference in click rate and open rates will aid your content marketing significantly, as there is a much larger chance consumers will read and view your content on a messaging app than via traditional email marketing campaigns. 


2. Event Engagement 

Similar to the methodology applied to the content marketing strategies mentioned above, event management can be much more successful with the use of messaging apps. 


The low open rates seen in email communication can hinder your brand’s outreach to customers before, during, and after events. For example, the accessibility of B2C correspondence through messaging apps can more easily provide customers with event information as well as serve as another method of marketing for your events. Likewise, after events, messaging acts as an easy method to receive feedback regarding your event. 


3. Survey Your Customers

Ever wonder if your brand is providing your customers with what they want? Well, the best way to ask what consumers want is simply to ask them. 


Messaging Apps have made this easy with the ability to send bulk links to surveys. Providing incentives to your customers for filling out surveys may also increase the open rate of such surveys. 


4. Customer Support

While this strategy is one of the founding use cases for messenger apps, it still remains the best way to provide 24/7 customer support.  In a Facebook IQ survey 56% of adults would rather send a message than call a business for customer support. Moreover, without customer support integration in your brand’s messaging apps, your brand is missing an opportunity to provide a  majority of your customers their preferred method of communication to your business. 


5. Increase Your Brand Reach 

Due to the accessibility and trend of marketing via messaging apps, the ability to generate sales leads via Messenger and WhatsApp is at an all time high with some response ratings reaching 80-90% according to a Facebook poll. 


For instance, some chat bots are able to convert customers responses from bots into SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) by connecting engaged customers to sales representatives on the messaging apps directly.  Ultimately, the trend of messaging apps can serve as a useful tool for all of your brand’s marketing needs. 


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Written by Susanne Morris