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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jun 12, 2017

Top Challenges and Opportunities for Online Retailers Using Social Listening

Last week, online menswear retailer JackThreads wrapped their “farewell sale,” unloading their merchandise for 70% off as they prepared to officially go out of business. Like most other loses, the death of a brand provides an...
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4 min read BlogEN_Sneaker-Brands-Cover-1068x775
Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jun 7, 2017

Sneaker Brands' Unique Opportunity in Social Listening

Since Michael Jordan first revolutionized the way athletic shoes were branded in the 90s, the sneaker industry has continued to steadily evolve over time. In the early 2000s, the retro boom within the industry (brands...
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Austin Williams | Brands - May 19, 2017

How to Filter Out the Noise On Social Media

The number of users on social media has steadily increased throughout the past decade. Inherently, social media listening is a daunting task—there’s so much to listen to. For brands seeking insight into any given topic or...
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4 min read
Austin Williams | Build Strategy - May 12, 2017

Social Strategy for Digital PR Professionals

In the long run, segmenting and evaluating channels, planning a precise process of social listening, and properly measuring the effectiveness of your choices all contribute the the broad and overall goal of increasing sales and...
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3 min read
Austin Williams | Brands - Mar 14, 2017

One on One With Jonathan Lopes of DigitasLBi: The Myth of Virality

During Social Media Week, Digimind had the chance to catch up with some notable influencers and industry leaders. In this series, we chat one on one with digital media's best and brightest, starting with Jonathan Lopes of...
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4 min read Blog_Journey_BlogCover-696x505-1-1
Austin Williams | Brands - Feb 27, 2017

How to Analyze a Customer's Path On Social Media

In the course of their journey, a customer or prospective client of a brand navigates an ecosystem of sites, chat rooms, and social networks in order to form an idea about a product, ask for opinions, or reassure their decision...
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3 min read pokemon-go
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Aug 10, 2016

Pokémon GO: A Content Marketer's Guide

Pokémon GO, the mobile phone game that has taken the world by storm, is finally available in Asia, and players young and old can't get enough of it.
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1 min read
Mohammed El Haddar | Build Strategy - Jun 17, 2016

Our Top Tweets of the Week 06.17.16 | #SocialMedia

This week we learnt that the software giant Microsoft purchased the business-orientated social network LinkedIn, in what turned out to be the most expensive tech deal in history. Following in the footsteps of Google who purchased...
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1 min read flag-carrier-1
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Feb 24, 2016

Infographic: Who are Southeast Asia's Leading Low Cost Carriers on Social Media?

Budget airlines may have a competitive edge over their flag counterparts in terms of pricing, but that doesn’t mean they have it easier when it comes to selling themselves online.
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1 min read
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Jan 4, 2016

3 Things Market Researchers Can Learn From "Find the Panda"

For the past couple of weeks, Gergely Dudás’ brainteasers have boggled people the world over. Like a modern version of Where's Waldo, "Find the panda among the snowmen" had people scratching their heads as they scoured the image...
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