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Melissa Chue - Aug 10, 2016

Pokémon GO: A Content Marketer's Guide

Pokémon GO, the mobile phone game that has taken the world by storm, is finally available in Asia, and players young and old can't get enough of it.

For businesses, the shift toward location-based, augmented reality gaming presents a wealth of potential to engage with customers. But how can they go about this exactly?

What is Pokémon GO? 

Pokémon GO is a location-based game that requires players to move around and capture Pokémon, creatures of various abilities and rarities. The app uses the GPS on the smartphone to alert players to different Pokémon and playing areas in the real world.

Players can also choose to join 1 of 3 teams: Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.

Pokémon GO Singapore teams

Since its release in Singapore on 6 August 2016, it looks like Team Mystic is leading the online buzz by a 6% margin!

Pokémon GO Singapore

Pikachu, Psyduck and Evee are also leading the pack in Pokémon GO related conversations on social.

Which features of Pokémon GO should businesses pay attention to? 

As different types of Pokémon spawn in different areas in the real world, there are 2 location-based features that can help players catch 'em all:

  • PokéStop: Real world landmarks and places where players can replenish their Poké Balls and other power-ups to help them progress in the game.
  • Lure Module: When activated, it increases the number of Pokémon drawn to the PokéStop for half an hour. This benefits all players within the area as more Pokémon would appear in-game.

With the location-based nature of Pokémon GO, tourist attractions, F&B and low to mid range retail stores can potentially benefit from high foot traffic brought by the game. Here's a look at some of the major hot spots in Singapore:

Pokémon GO Pokéstops Singapore

How can businesses leverage Pokémon GO? 

So you're an F&B or retail business that's located near a PokéStop or have a PokéStop in the vicinity? Good for you! Here's how you can create the ultimate customer experience and catch 'em all:

Post real-time updates on appearances of rare Pokémon in your area 

What's a better incentive for customers to visit than a rare, much sought after Pokémon? Keep your followers updated with sightings on your social media pages - the more recent, the better. You can open the app on your phone and pick up various sightings on your radar, or use third party apps to get accurate data.

Pokémon GO

Use lures to attract customers during off-peak periods 

A bustling shop throughout the day is ideal. And thanks to Pokémon GO's lure modules, businesses need not wait for rare Pokémon to draw the crowds. Simply activate one every half an hour to maintain traffic during off-peak periods. Be sure to avoid using it during peak periods when it could create a hindrance and backfire.

Pokémon GO lure modules

Invite followers to engage with you on social media 

It doesn't always have to be about drawing the crowds. Brands can also initiate conversations on social. By doing so, brands can demonstrate their ability to look beyond the business, and engage with their customers on trending topics.



Offer discounts to players 

Ideally, you don't just want to create traffic - otherwise you would have people walking in and out without buying anything!

What you can do is offer discounts for players from certain teams, or specific types of Pokémon caught. That way, customers would be motivated to shop, not just play.

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