1 min read
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Aug 24, 2016

Watch: 10 Questions about Executive Branding with Chris J Reed of Black Marketing

Executive branding is a great way of showcasing your strengths online - whether it's to your peers, your competitors, or even your potential employers.
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1 min read lexus-apac-creates-perfect-experience-using-social-media-insights
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Aug 17, 2016

Customer Experience Case Study: How Lexus APAC Creates the Perfect Experience Using Social Media Insights

Customer experience is the sum of every emotional reaction consumers have whenever they encounter the brand. Lexus strives to embody the spirit of Japanese hospitality by delivering amazing experiences to their customers, even at...
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1 min read mrm-strategize-with-social-media-listening
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Jul 20, 2016

Content Marketing Case Study: MRM//McCann Strategizes with Social Media Listening

Content marketing is changing rapidly. Coming up with the right strategy starts with having an in-depth understanding of the consumers. With so much buzz out there, brands and agencies alike need a way to cut through the clutter...
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7 min read #socializecruise
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jul 19, 2016

Coasting with Digital Marketing’s brightest minds on Digimind’s #SocializeCruise

Socialize NYC events always refresh guests with the latest in digital marketing and social technology. This year's event, #SocializeCruise, welcomed over 150 marketers on an exclusive cruise ride overlooking east Manhattan's...
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9 min read online-reputation
Kyle Martinowich | Build Strategy - Jun 2, 2016

How to Create Your Online Reputation Dashboard for Your Boss

The other day I was talking with the Social Media Manager of a company in the airline industry. He was lucky to have a Social Monitoring tool to listen to conversations about his company, its brand (earned media), measure the...
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7 min read
Jerome Maisch | Facebook - Apr 7, 2016

Facebook Reactions : why collecting emotions is a marketing essential

On February 24, Facebook introduced us to some new emoticons - Facebook Reactions! These allow their users, you and me alike, to respond to timeline posts via a range of feelings; these have now been extended further to include...
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3 min read kpi
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 31, 2016

The essential KPIs for your Social Media ROI: 3. How to create social media KPI dashboards

#Dashboard #KPI #SocialMedia
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8 min read kpis
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 23, 2016

The essential KPIs for your Social Media ROI: 2. The top 20

#KPI #indicators #ROI #SocialMedia Following the publication of the best ways to construct your KPIs, we are going to look at the key indicators for monitoring your Social Media Marketing strategy. The top 20 essential KPIs...
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5 min read kpisocialmedia-constructdraw
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 10, 2016

The essential KPIs for your Social Media ROI: 1. How to construct them.

#KPI #indicators #ROI We will explore, through several posts, how to build effective KPIs for your Social Media ROI.
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2 min read digimind-masterclass-smwnyc-2016
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 8, 2016

How To Effectively Monitor Your Audience On Social, a Digimind Masterclass at #SMWNYC

On 22-26th February 2016, Social Media Week graced New York City, bringing media players together to discuss and share insights into the ever-evolving world of social. On 02/24 Digimind hosted a masterclass presenting a panel of...
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