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Melissa Chue - Jul 20, 2016

Content Marketing Case Study: MRM//McCann Strategizes with Social Media Listening

Content marketing is changing rapidly. Coming up with the right strategy starts with having an in-depth understanding of the consumers. With so much buzz out there, brands and agencies alike need a way to cut through the clutter and noise and find the right insights and opportunities.

The Hershey's Happygrams Challenge

The Hershey's Happygrams campaign was a real-time content marketing campaign that ran across The Philippines. MRM//McCann, a global consumer marketing experience agency, wanted to reach out directly to consumers beyond the brand's social channels, while reminding them of their 1903 mission to "make everyday moments better".

Shaping the content marketing strategy with social listening 

MRM//McCann listened to consumers in The Philippines on social media who needed a pick up and responded with a personalised Happygram - fun and delightful messages written on the iconic Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars that either perked up their dull moment or made their day a little better.

 Download the full case study or watch it here:


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Written by Melissa Chue

I’m a marketer by day and a writer and content creator by night. At Digimind, I oversee content and events for the Asia Pacific market. AMA about social media!