2 min read C52HfFDXMAA_TAD
Austin Williams | Brands - Mar 2, 2017

SMW Buzz: Visuals, Words, and Actions

There were lots of fascinating and insightful presentations given on day two of Social Media Week, and there are sure to be lots more as the week keeps moving along. But everyone can't be everywhere. So, for those who missed...
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2 min read toddlerpages
Austin Williams | Brands - Mar 1, 2017

SMW Buzz: ‘Toddler’ Pages & Competing With Your Own Brand

There were lots of fascinating and insightful presentations given on day one of Social Media Week, and there are sure to be lots more by the time the week swings into full gear. But everyone can't be everywhere. So, for those...
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4 min read Blog_Journey_BlogCover-696x505-1-1
Austin Williams | Brands - Feb 27, 2017

How to Analyze a Customer's Path On Social Media

In the course of their journey, a customer or prospective client of a brand navigates an ecosystem of sites, chat rooms, and social networks in order to form an idea about a product, ask for opinions, or reassure their...
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1 min read ryan-lim-qed-1
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Feb 22, 2017

Watch: 10 Questions about Digital Transformation with Ryan Lim of QED Consulting

We are back with our monthly quick fires series on the 10 things marketers should know about trends in digital! This month, we speak to Ryan Lim, Founder and Principal Consultant of QED Consulting.
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3 min read pexels-photo-41056-1068x712
Austin Williams | Brands - Feb 20, 2017

For Presidents Day, Incorporate 'Political Listening' Into Your Social Listening.

Other than being known for its great sales, President’s Day is nationally recognized as a day to celebrate all U.S Presidents, past and present. Legend has it, America’s first President once nobly uttered the phrase “I cannot...
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4 min read 176H-1068x712
Austin Williams | Brands - Feb 15, 2017

Love by the Numbers: The Metrics of Valentine's Day Mentions

Much to the chagrin of single people, those who actually look forward to Valentine’s Day love to post about the occasion on their timelines almost as much as they enjoy celebrating it with their partners. We used Digimind to...
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5 min read dumpkellogs
Jerome Maisch | Community Manager - Dec 7, 2016

#DumpKelloggs: When Brand Reputation and Political Sentiment Clash on Social Media

Just this past Tuesday, Bretibart declared war on Kellogg's major cereal brand. The latter pulled the trigger on their advertising campaign with Breitbart, stating that the media outlets values are not aligned with the...
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2 min read breaking-down-chatter
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Nov 14, 2016

Breaking down the mountain of online chatter | PR Asia 2016

Online reputation management. It's the biggest challenge faced by communication directors today, according to a 2015 study conducted by Brunswick Insights. Indeed, the rise of social media has allowed customers to share their...
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3 min read pokemon-go
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Aug 10, 2016

Pokémon GO: A Content Marketer's Guide

Pokémon GO, the mobile phone game that has taken the world by storm, is finally available in Asia, and players young and old can't get enough of it.
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9 min read header-logo-instagram
Kyle Martinowich | Brands - May 26, 2016

Instagram : Why online users are loving hating the new logos

Early this May there was a radical change for the "young" social network's strong growth and its fans: the Instagram logo design unchanged since its creation in 2010, was updated, making way for a more sleek and colorful...
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