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Melissa is a digital advocate who loves diving into the latest trends in digital and social media. Since joining Digimind’s marketing team in 2015, she has written studies for over 15 industries in Asia Pacific. When she is not telling stories about data, Melissa can be found exploring her favourite cafes and hangouts on Instagram @chuepachups.
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2 min read social-media-management
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Sep 14, 2016

The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Social Media Monitoring

In TNS’ Asia Pacific Marketing Monitor 2016 report, 46% of 2, 250 marketers surveyed cited social media monitoring as a metric that informs marketing planning.
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2 min read blog-besttweets-sg
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Sep 9, 2016

Asia’s Top Tweets of the Week | 09.09.2016 #Mobile

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3 min read pokemon-go
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Aug 10, 2016

Pokémon GO: A Content Marketer's Guide

Pokémon GO, the mobile phone game that has taken the world by storm, is finally available in Asia, and players young and old can't get enough of it.
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1 min read 12764483_1045102802226410_2896034705563500622_o-1
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Feb 26, 2016

Digimind Celebrates Our New Asia Headquarters at #TuneInTelokAyer!

On 18th February 2016, on a busy street in Telok Ayer, we brought together digital marketing professionals, curious onlookers, an open bar and live music to celebrate the launch of our new headquarters in Asia.
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1 min read flag-carrier-1
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Feb 24, 2016

Infographic: Who are Southeast Asia's Leading Low Cost Carriers on Social Media?

Budget airlines may have a competitive edge over their flag counterparts in terms of pricing, but that doesn’t mean they have it easier when it comes to selling themselves online.
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1 min read flag-carrier
Melissa Chue | Infographic - Feb 23, 2016

Infographic: Which Flag Carriers Soared on Social Media in Southeast Asia?

In some ways, flag carriers are a country’s brand to the world, their crew and ground staff ambassadors to their passengers. Like most industries, social media has evolved from a luxury to a digital front desk for the airline...
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1 min read
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Jan 4, 2016

3 Things Market Researchers Can Learn From "Find the Panda"

For the past couple of weeks, Gergely Dudás’ brainteasers have boggled people the world over. Like a modern version of Where's Waldo, "Find the panda among the snowmen" had people scratching their heads as they scoured the image...
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Melissa Chue | Infographic - Dec 29, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Counting down to 2016 on social media [Singapore edition]

As we count down to 2016, we at Digimind put on our listening ears to find out what the top New Year's resolutions are on social media in Singapore.
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2 min read digimind-top-100-companies
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Dec 4, 2015

Digimind in the Top 100 Digital Content Companies!

Digimind, the award-winning global social intelligence company, is proud to be selected for EContent Magazine’s Top 100 Digital Content Companies 2015-2016. EContent 100, which is in its 15th consecutive year, lists the top 100...
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1 min read pinkdot-2015
Melissa Chue | Infographic - Jun 18, 2015

[Infographic] #PinkDot 2015 At A Glance: A Social Media Listening Perspective

The 7th annual Pink Dot Rally for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore took place on 13 June 2015, with a record 28, 000 gathering at Hong Lim Park to support the #freedomtolove.
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