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7 min read network
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jun 16, 2016

5 ways to discover real-time trends through the web and social networks

"How can we track, in real-time, consumer trends, communication and changes in practices of online users?". This is the question that some agencies or advertisers frequently ask themselves when it comes to innovation or social...
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3 min read wrap-smssummit-iryanpena
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jun 9, 2016

#SMSsummit 2016: What got everyone buzzing?

#SMSsummit gathered top brand influencers from the likes of Intel, Daily Mail, Presidio, and NBC Sports to talk about the hot topic of Social Media. The event had everyone buzzing; with live video, content marketing, and ...
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9 min read definitive-ways-banks-can-leverage-social-media-to-enhance-business-power
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - May 31, 2016

3 Definitive Ways Banks Can Leverage Social Media to Enhance Their Business Power

The integration of social media in everyday life has simply become the norm, but just a few years ago we would never have associated it with the more traditional banking and financial services industry. It has now become a fast...
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6 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - May 19, 2016

The 12 essential benefits of monitoring Twitter: 3. Customer relations & Competitive Intelligence

"67% of consumers now tap networks like Twitter and Facebook for customer service." In our previous post about the benefits of Twitter for digital marketing, we have seen how the social network could help you analyze crises, ...
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12 min read twitter-6
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - May 17, 2016

Top 20 CMOs to follow on Twitter

CMOs are at the forefront of social media developments as they try to weave top social channels and effective implementation of these into their brand’s business strategy. However, it’s not only their company they like to talk...
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6 min read acquire-customers-on-social-media
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - May 10, 2016

3 Crucial Ways CPG Brands Can Acquire Customers on Social Media

Valued at around $2 trillion, the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry is one of the largest in North America. With modern CPG brands making massive headway in terms of sales from their social marketing, we’ve looked into ways...
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6 min read social-media-strategies-us-retailers
Jerome Maisch | Brands - May 3, 2016

First rate Social Media Strategies for US Retailers

Content is the word on everybody’s lips, but who’s made it large in the retail industry by being original and creative with their strategies? In this blog post we will explore the top ways Social Media retail strategies have won...
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5 min read twitter chalkboard
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Apr 15, 2016

The 12 essential benefits of monitoring Twitter: 1. Digital Marketing

With between 80 to 90 million unique visitors in the US alone (Statista, 2015), Twitter is a absolute must for your Social Media strategy. 59% of tweeters are under 34, 45% are women and 74% are following brands (Twitter, 2016)....
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7 min read
Jerome Maisch | Facebook - Apr 7, 2016

Facebook Reactions : why collecting emotions is a marketing essential

On February 24, Facebook introduced us to some new emoticons - Facebook Reactions! These allow their users, you and me alike, to respond to timeline posts via a range of feelings; these have now been extended further to include...
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11 min read influencer-map-5
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Apr 5, 2016

Top 20 must-follow Social Media Influencers

Being engaged on Social Media has never been more important, so we’ve compiled our A-Z list of today’s top 20 social media influencers that need to be followed on twitter. These guys come from a breadth of backgrounds, from...
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