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3 min read digimind-award-2
Jerome Maisch | Benchmark - Sep 22, 2016

Digimind ranked as the leader in G2 Crowd's Fall 2016 Top Social Media Monitoring Software Report

G2 Crowd is a world leading business software review platform, and has recently
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4 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Sep 21, 2016

Social Media Report: New York Fashion Week 2016

New York Fashion Week is a world-class event, and big business; drawing approximately 232,000 attendees to over 500 shows, the show generates around $887 million in economic activity for the city. Top celebrities were in...
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2 min read top-20-retail-us-retail-companies-on-social-media
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Sep 16, 2016

REPORT: The Top 20 U.S. Retail Companies on Social Media

The retail industry is in for a turbulent future as retail sales struggle overall across the country. This report analyzes the top 20 retailers in the U.S. and measures their social media efforts and campaigns to gain market...
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5 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Sep 13, 2016

Creating an RFP for Social Media Monitoring? Here’s What You Need to Know

So, you’ve decided that your organization needs a social media monitoring tool? Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming an insight-driven company that is predicted by Forrester to grow at least 30% each year.
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8 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Aug 30, 2016

Social Media Listening for Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs for any business there is rarely a simple solution to the problem. Once a crisis occurs the only thing a company can control is the way they handle the incident, and how they communicate those efforts. Simply...
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7 min read twitter-8
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Aug 22, 2016

20 Twitter accounts to follow for social media marketing trends

As a young industry social media marketing is still changing, and sometimes rapidly. Social media monitoring tools can make it easier to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, but if that's not in the budget, try adding...
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2 min read digimind-ranked-4th-in-G2-crowd
Jerome Maisch | Benchmark - Aug 17, 2016

Digimind Social ranked 4th in G2 Crowd's Top 50 Software Products

Digimind is proud to once again be chosen by G2 Crowd as one of the top small business software products.
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7 min read influencer-map-2
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Aug 16, 2016

Social Listening for Influencer Marketing

"Today's influencer landscape is populated by bloggers, college professors, podcasters, Instagram celebrities, and everything in between. Given this diversity, we now reach the point of pain for effective influencer marketing -...
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7 min read event-tracking-2
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Aug 9, 2016

How to use Social Listening for Live Event Tracking

Social listening is a priceless development that all brands, events, and industries need to be adopting. Whilst we know how useful it can be for brands in terms of measuring campaign success, reputation management amongst other...
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3 min read top-companies
Jerome Maisch | Benchmark - Aug 3, 2016

REPORT: The Top 50 Insurance Companies on Social Media

The insurance industry is traditionally indebted with rules, regulations and corporate vernacular that it’s hard to see a common connection between its outward image and public perception and social media.
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