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Jerome Maisch - Jan 21, 2016

New Digimind Social Features Meld Social Media, Marketing and CRM

The better intelligence you have at your disposal, the more effectively your business can develop robust marketing strategies and prepare for shifts in your industry. Today we’re announcing a new Digimind Social features integration with some of the world’s most popular digital technology platforms which will let you get even more out of your social media monitoring. The new integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zendesk offers customers a comprehensive social intelligence solution to manage social media insights across the entire Digimind platform.

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This new integration allows users to:

  • Identify a potential prospect and add it as a ‘lead’ in Salesforce.
  • Determine relevant content resources or influencers to connect with and assign it as a ‘task’ in Hubspot.
  • Pinpoint complaints and inquiries to designate them as a ‘ticket’ in Zendesk.

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Why Is it Useful?

Brands are increasingly looking for new ways to deliver a human experience on social media and seeing a return on investment with their strategies. However, with an increasing amount of chatter, it’s sometimes difficult to separate out the conversations that really matter to you, and to route those conversations to the people who need to act on them or pinpoint a potential end customer.

The Digimind Social platform was built to help brands and businesses find the conversation they are interested in, be that all chatter about their brand, about their competitors or industry, specific customer service conversation and so on.

Now, the Digimind/Salesforce/Hubspot/Zendesk integration combines all that listening power with the ability to manage your social selling strategies, determine influencers more efficiently, and provide superior customer service at the click of a button.

That means a more efficient, streamlined listening and engagement process. And who wouldn’t want that?

Find Out More

The integration is available immediately to all Digimind Social customers. For any questions or tips on how to effectively manage the new integrations, get in touch with us or contact your local customer success representative.

Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover