9 min read Risk intelligence and risk monitoring
Malena Dolff Gonzalez | Market Intelligence - Jan 12, 2023

Risk Intelligence: Detect and Mitigate Risks

What is Competitive Intelligence, really? As many Competitive Intelligence professionals will probably tell you, it depends mostly on your organization’s objectives. In this multi-blog series, we explore types and uses of...
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6 min read Digimind what is the purpose of competitive itnelligence blog
Durga Kudumula | Build Strategy - Feb 25, 2022

What is The Purpose of Competitive Intelligence?

The marketplace is replete with people offering similar if not identical products and services. No wonder knowing the right direction your business is going in can be quite the task. You will need to keep up with market trends,...
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3 min read
Vanessa Querry | Build Strategy - Nov 8, 2018

Bring a new dimension to your Market Intelligence Projects with Digimind Marketplace

The Market Intelligence function is undergoing profound changes. Web data has become multi-faceted and its volume continues to grow, and at the same time numerous business tools have been widely adopted by business users.
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4 min read competitiveintelligencebilling-1
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - Aug 16, 2018

How can Competitive Intelligence Departments Benefit from Internal Billing?

Internal billing in competitive intelligence is a method of charging internal customers (e.g. departments and functional units) for the CI services they use. Instead of bundling all CI costs under the CI department, an internal...
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5 min read timeispreciousregulatorychanges-1
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - Jul 30, 2018

How Should Your Company Be Monitoring Regulatory Changes?

What does your company do to stay ahead of new and changing regulations? Is it consistently finding new methods and sources of monitoring? Every organisation should be able to answer these questions to ensure they keep up with...
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2 min read DI-The-5-Essential-Building-Blocks_BlogPostCover-1068x775-2
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - Jun 14, 2018

Discover our new Ebook: 5 Essential Building Blocks for your Competitive Intelligence Project

At Digimind we’re always looking for ways to help alleviate your Competitive Intelligence conundrums. This easy read, step-by-step guide focuses on tips and techniques to avoid CI project drawbacks by following the 5 phases of a...
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5 min read howcansalesandcidevelopnewbusiness-2
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - May 28, 2018

How can Sales and Competitive Intelligence develop new business opportunities?

The Sales and CI Alliance At present, you may be missing all of the potential influence a Sales team can exert on its Competitive Intelligence department. On the contrary, it's quite easy to identify exactly how Sales can benefit...
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2 min read
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - Apr 24, 2018

New Statistics Module: Discover a more efficient way to manage your Competitive Intelligence performance 

Forrester has predicted that Insights Driven organizations are likely to grow 8 times faster than global GDP, and will steal market shares to their competitors. However, to retain such favourable results requires long term...
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2 min read di-turn-the-spotlight-on-you-1
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - Mar 26, 2018

How to Turn the Spotlight on your Competitive Intelligence Projects

Our most recent handbook helps you to tackle the journey from identifying your objectives to value presentation. Through four simple chapters and examples, learn how to structure, create, engage and evaluate your project process.
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3 min read
Sarah Chohan | Build Strategy - Mar 13, 2018

Discover the most innovative methods to monitor your competitive environment

72% ...this is the percentage of analysis projects found to be utilising competitive intelligence.
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