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Sarah Chohan - Apr 24, 2018

New Statistics Module: Discover a more efficient way to manage your Competitive Intelligence performance 

Forrester has predicted that Insights Driven organizations are likely to grow 8 times faster than global GDP, and will steal market shares to their competitors. However, to retain such favourable results requires long term monitoring and analysis of performance across all departments of an organisation.

This is where Competitive Intelligence (CI) professionals are routinely faced with a set of common challenges. For instance: how to steer your competitive intelligence performance, deployment and exploitation of market intelligence across an organisation? How to determine the use and value of deliverables, after they are sent to decision makers? And how to measure each department’s use of, and contribution to CI?

A simple, comprehensive and practical tool, the Statistics Module was enhanced to alleviate these challenges and steer your competitive intelligence performance.

A 360-degree view of who, where and how people are engaging with intelligence.

 Screenshot of Digimind Intelligence statistics module


Designed specifically with project managers in mind, the benefits include:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Comprehensive visuals
  • Improved and increased indicators
  • Optimised and centralised view

Gathering intelligence is key to understanding an environment, by identifying exactly what works and what doesn’t. By offering a real-time, centralised perspective of actionable intelligence, CI units can be guided by their data. Experts can monitor their company insights with ease and turn statistics into actionable intelligence. This means CI units are equiped with the statistical capabilities to detect inefficiencies and immediately modify them. Use our handbook on building a CI community to learn more. 

One of the most defining features of this module is the optimised view and break down of monitored information, created for efficient use and easy-to-read statistics. Ultimately our goal is to enable project managers with added CI value to influence senior management and other business units within their organisation. 

The Statistics Module will be available on Digimind Intelligence at no additional cost from April 24th.

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Written by Sarah Chohan

Sarah is a product marketing manager and keen social listener, curious to explore the evolving landscape of competitive intelligence.