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Vanessa Querry - Nov 8, 2018

Bring a new dimension to your Market Intelligence Projects with Digimind Marketplace

The Market Intelligence function is undergoing profound changes. Web data has become multi-faceted and its volume continues to grow, and at the same time numerous business tools have been widely adopted by business users.

Market Intelligence departments must respond to these new challenges in order to deliver even more value to their business departments, and to act as a hive for collective intelligence across their organization.

Thus to ensure our clients can successfully meet this new requirement, we developed Digimind Marketplace – a meeting point for integrations between Digimind Intelligence and your existing ecosystem of business tools and partners. Digimind Marketplace allows you to easily consolidate information from Digimind Intelligence, Digimind conversational content processing applications, partner data sources, and business platforms deployed in your organization into one centralised space.

Since its creation in 1998, Digimind has always strived to deliver a user experience that is collaborative, open, and unified. Upon launch, Digimind Intelligence was one of the first tools on the market to monitor the web. Since then, we have integrated additional specialized sources to make market analysis as exhaustive as possible.

In 2013, we enhanced our monitoring capabilities with the launch of Digimind Social, a social media intelligence platform, which included integration capabilities with social media management platforms and Business Intelligence (BI) applications.

With 20 years of experience in the intelligence sector, we understand the need to gather and share knowledge on a company-wide level, from both internal and external sources. For this reason Digimind Marketplace was developed to places collective intelligence at the heart of market intelligence.

For Market Intelligence experts, this means unparalleled benefits on three levels:

I) Tap into the power of social media
Connect to Digimind Social and Digimind Historical Search from Digimind Intelligence in one click, to enrich your Market Intelligence projects with social data. 

II) Enrich data collection
Since sourcing is a critical phase of the intelligence cycle, we consider it essential to provide you with the capability to integrate your favorite data sources with Digimind Intelligence. Scientific databases, press aggregators, industry specific market analysis, Deep & Dark Web, etc.. all these data sources can be integrated into Digimind Intelligence so that you can analyze it and then distribute it to the right people, with ease.

III) Share strategic information across business platforms
Newsletters were once the go-to option for sharing market intelligence analyses. However its limited collaboration capabilities has resulted in finite functional productivity.

Digimind Marketplace reduces this barrier by feeding your intranet, enterprise social networks or CRMs with information directly from Digimind Intelligence, and beyond.

Above enabling a wider audience access to intelligence, this new function allows business users to be more involved in market intelligence projects as they will be able to directly view strategic information in their daily work environments, and provide feedback on these deliverables. Such feedback is extremely valuable to improve the quality of your deliverables, and promote better understanding within your company’s context.

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Written by Vanessa Querry

Vanessa is marketing manager at Digimind, and is looking after the CI market. Passionate about information technologies, digital marketing and B2B, Vanessa likes to debate the best strategies to help companies stand out in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market.