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Sarah Chohan - Mar 26, 2018

How to Turn the Spotlight on your Competitive Intelligence Projects

Our most recent handbook helps you to tackle the journey from identifying your objectives to value presentation. Through four simple chapters and examples, learn how to structure, create, engage and evaluate your project process.

If you start a road trip without a map, gas, or a destination in mind, you probably won’t get very far. The same is true of competitive intelligence (CI) projects. Being a driver of these projects is a complex and time consuming journey. By clearly defining your CI objectives, KPIs and clear methods to create and nurture your communities, you're one step closer to your mission: gaining the support of management and decision makers.


In this free handbook “Turn the spotlight on your Competitive Intelligence Projects”,  discover:

  • KPIs and project success indicators
  • Which CI ‘deliverables’ belong to specific audiences
  • How to create and nurture a community
  • Methods to evaluate the success of Competitive Intelligence projects

Defining your KPI’s

To effectively measure the business effects of competitive intelligence, we looked at quantifiable and qualitative KPIs. Being able to present the value of these projects is crucial, and is what will ultimately ensure impact within your organisation.

Understanding audience ‘deliverables’

In order to present your findings, we have established six of the most commonly used deliverables and their indicators to help you select them.

Methods of engagement

Companies use a variety of tools to connect with their internal and external communities. Discover several ways to keep communication flowing between you and your audiences. Learn how to keep your department and stakeholders engaged, in order to share findings and identify potential areas of improvement.

Evaluate your project

Finally, it is time to actively gather feedback from your audiences and put the spotlight on your project. Long term progress is now dependent on your ability to present the value and success of your results to executive managers and stakeholders.

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Written by Sarah Chohan

Sarah is a product marketing manager and keen social listener, curious to explore the evolving landscape of competitive intelligence.