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Each minute, a huge amount of social media activity occurs.

5 Key Questions for Detecting Market Trends Using Social Media

It is clear that brands can create competitive advantage by collecting and analyzing data on customer consumption habits. However, traditional surveying methods such as questionnaires, interviews, and discussion groups are often limited in terms of sample size and spontaneity of responses. Beyond traditional methods, marketers can capture insights from social media conversations occurring online.

The Analytics of Outrage: How Social Media Reacted to United Airlines

Specific to the outrage United Airlines recently inspired is this is the first time in history a viral act of violence came at the hands of a commercial brand.

6 Social Media Strategies For Effective Consumer Engagement

A brand’s social media accounts should not be a one-way promotional channel for products - they should be an outlet for creating authentic brand relationships with customers. Below you’ll find six best practices for effective social media engagement.

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How Social Listening Can Reveal Your Competitors’ Strategies

The ability to monitor your competitors & gain insight into their activities on social is a benefit that is just as helpful as monitoring your own audience.