The Marketing Trends that Industry Professionals Believe will Reign Supreme in...

Over the last few years, new trends have emerged that have had an enormous influence on how marketing organizations collaborate, communicate, innovate and evolve....

How Adolescents Use Social Media

To gain a more precise understanding of the practices and habits social media users aged 12-17, BETC Digital launched a four-month long study in which they interviewed French 12-17 year-olds about their use of social media and digital technologies.

Digimind and El País Partner to Monitor Online Public Discourse about...

Digimind recently partnered with Prisa, a global Spanish and Portuguese media group and the official public opinion aggregator for the Catalan elections to be held on December 21st.

Monitoring and Analyzing Social Media Trends: The Best Practices

The ability to monitor trends in real time is an incredibly valuable tool for anticipating changes in the market and remaining at the forefront of competition.

Crisis Management: Aligning Digital and Offline Promotional Campaigns

A case study on real-time crisis-management for digital and offline campaigns.

Customer Social Media Interaction in 2017

Each minute, a huge amount of social media activity occurs.

5 Key Questions for Detecting Market Trends Using Social Media

It is clear that brands can create competitive advantage by collecting and analyzing data on customer consumption habits. However, traditional surveying methods such as questionnaires, interviews, and discussion groups are often limited in terms of sample size and spontaneity of responses. Beyond traditional methods, marketers can capture insights from social media conversations occurring online.

6 Social Media Strategies For Effective Consumer Engagement

A brand’s social media accounts should not be a one-way promotional channel for products - they should be an outlet for creating authentic brand relationships with customers. Below you’ll find six best practices for effective social media engagement.

Insurance and Customer Experience: 60% of Millennials Want Both Traditional and...

The proliferation of digital distribution channels has caused a widespread reevaluation of business processes across many industries. Evidently, the insurance sector is no exception. The use of digital technologies throughout insuring processes has become exponentially more prevalent - a movement known as “Insurtech.”

Insight-Driven Strategies, Social Intelligence Trends and more at dmexco 2017!

Influencer Marketing, Insight-Driven Strategies & Campaign Optimization: Social Media Intelligence Trends and more at DMEXCO 2017!