SMW Buzz: Visuals, Words, and Actions

For those who missed out, here’s a recap of the most interesting presentations of day two.

Identifying Expansion Opportunities: How Insight-Driven Agencies Use Social Intelligence

A case study of an insight-driven agency’s utilization of social intelligence to generate customer loyalty and expansion opportunities. Previous articles have established that digital agencies...

What is Social Media Hoping for in 2015?

As the world says hello to 2015, social media is out with the old and in with the new.  New Years Resolutions are pouring...

5 Indisputable Reasons For Companies To Invest In Social Listening

Social media advertising budgets worldwide have doubled, which has also increased the pressure on digital marketers to deliver ROI from their activities. At the...

Creating Customer Experiences that Achieve Objectives | AfterWork Singapore September 2017

In our second edition of AfterWork in Singapore, guest speaker Joanna Wong, Head of Business Marketing APAC at Spotify, speaks on the importance of using data to create relevant and engaging customer experiences.

How Social Listening Can Reveal Your Competitors’ Strategies

The ability to monitor your competitors & gain insight into their activities on social is a benefit that is just as helpful as monitoring your own audience.

Monitoring Consumer Behavior and Market Trends with Social Intelligence

A huge number of conversations occur on the internet, and a large part of this information is publicly accessible. With the help of social intelligence and monitoring tools, it’s possible to access and analyze these insights.

The Top 60 Agency CEOs to Follow on Twitter (part 3)

Digital ads are filling timelines as regularly as commercials air throughout the evening news. Here's part 3 of the top 60 agency CEOs on Twitter.

REPORT: The Top 50 US Universities on Social Media

With the largest demographic on social media as their key target audience, how are universities drawing in large online communities and ensuring high levels...

Top 10 qualities of a good Community Manager

The job of Community Manager is relatively new and not always well understood. Consumers are now actors in their own consumption, regularly publishing reviews on...