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CYL | Crisis Management - May 31, 2024

Eurovision 2024: Analyzing Consumer Sentiment on Performers and Sponsorships

This year's Eurovision Song Contest has been unlike any other, marked by significant controversy from various angles. Many believe it to be the most contentious edition in the event's history, primarily due to the political mire...
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11 min read Digimind APAC Hotels Industry Scan Featured Image Blog
CYL | Crisis Management - May 10, 2024

AirBnB: Exclusive Consumer Insights

In recent years, the hospitality landscape has been dramatically reshaped by the undeniable rise of Airbnb.
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12 min read Digimind APAC Automotive Industry Scan
CYL | Crisis Management - May 8, 2024

EV Brands: Get Your Competitors’ Insights

The slowdown in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales can be attributed to the fact that only one model, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 SE RWD Long Range, aligns with the criteria that most drivers prioritize when purchasing a car: charging times...
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15 min read Digimind APAC Hotels Industry Scan
CYL | Crisis Management - May 7, 2024

Bed and Bathrooms; New Trends That Hotels Should Note

In 2024, the Asia Pacific travel sector experienced a remarkable resurgence, approaching pre-pandemic tourism levels with a sturdy 20% surge in travel revenue compared to the preceding year, with insights from Reuters and TTG...
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9 min read Exclusive-Insights-Into-AI-and-Insurance-Featured Image
CYL | Crisis Management - Apr 4, 2024

Exclusive Insights Into AI and Insurance

As AI advancements continue to push boundaries, the delineation of liability within the insurance realm becomes increasingly ambiguous. How does this uncertainty resonate with consumers?
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CYL | Crisis Management - Apr 2, 2024

Hermès Birkin Lawsuit: Breaking down Exclusive Insights

Few brands command the reverence and prestige associated with Hermès. Renowned for its timeless craftsmanship and iconic designs, the French luxury brand has long been synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication.
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CYL | Insurance - Mar 27, 2024

What Do Insurance and K-pop Have in Common?

K-pop has undeniably emerged as a cultural force that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide. Since its inception, It has steadily gained momentum, propelled by chart-topping songs, dynamic choreography, and...
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CYL | Industry Report - Mar 11, 2024

APAC Spotlight: Exclusive Insights into Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Singapore

As Taylor Swift concludes the Asian leg of her The Eras Tour with an exclusive gig in Singapore, it's more than just a final act—it's the closing note of a journey that began with the initial tour announcement. This conclusion...
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CYL | Industry Report - Mar 7, 2024

Navigating Insights from Top Global Premier Banks: What We Can Learn

The banking landscape has undergone a profound transformation in recent years, marked by substantial shifts from the conditions prevalent just a few years ago. What's changed? Learn what the consumers from the top premier banks.
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CYL | Industry Report - Mar 5, 2024

A Global Consumer Brand Facing Controversy: What Did They Miss Out?

Starbucks, a global coffeehouse chain renowned for its premium coffee offerings and iconic brand, is currently grappling with significant challenges in its market, with instances of emergent micro brands shaking things up while...
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