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Christophe est "Evangeliste" et Content Specialist @ Digimind. Fan du web depuis Compuserve, Netscape, Yahoo!, Altavista, Ecila et les modems 28k, de l'e-réputation depuis 2007, il aime discuter et écrire sur les internets, les marques, les usages et les bonnes pratiques.
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5 min read online-strategies
Christophe Asselin | Build Strategy - Jun 19, 2013

Winning Strategies for a New Era of Online Reputation

Excerpt from a special report from SQLI Group featuring Christophe Asselin, Head of Analysis and Online Reputation at Digimind
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4 min read 10-myths-about-online-reputation
Christophe Asselin | Build Strategy - Jun 17, 2013

10 Myths About Online Reputation

All entities have a digital footprint...brands, people, companies. etc. Online reputation, which is created by these digital footprints, is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s digital landscape and can just as easily help...
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