5 Objectives to Integrate Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

With the rise of the digital age, brands are becoming more acutely aware of the value of investing in social media strategies. Social media networks are no longer an isolated marketing channel solely dedicated to communication and promotional efforts.

Debunking the Top 5 Myths of Proving Social ROI

Despite the evolution of social media networks and marketing technologies, marketers are still at a loss over measuring the impact of their social activities on the bottom line. We set out to debunk the top 5 myths of proving social ROI, and to better measure your campaign’s success! 

Sponsorship Acquisition and Retention: The Essential Event Marketing KPIs

A commonly recurring issue for many brands is the ability to attract event sponsors by effectively communicating brand value to investors.

5 Essential Social Media Reporting Strategies

Digital marketers and community managers are often responsible for managing and analyzing the performance of social media strategies.

The Top KPIs for Proving Marketing ROI

Proving ROI is an essential task for any marketer, but the process for reporting ROI is not always entirely obvious. That’s why the following article will outline some KPIs vastly useful for tracking social media marketing strategies and for calculating the ROI of social media.

The 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Social Media Report

Regardless of what you prefer to include in your social media report, it’s essential to include in-depth performance analysis of three key social media elements: community, engagement, and content.

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How to Create Reports to Prove Your Social Media ROI

With the focus shifting from vanity metrics to real business opportunities that a digital agency is able to develop for its clients, the organization...

The essential KPIs for your Social Media ROI: 2. The top...

#KPI #indicators #ROI #SocialMediaFollowing the publication of the best ways to construct your KPIs, we are going to look at the key indicators for...