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CYL - May 8, 2024

EV Brands: Get Your Competitors’ Insights

The slowdown in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales can be attributed to the fact that only one model, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 SE RWD Long Range, aligns with the criteria that most drivers prioritize when purchasing a car: charging times under 20 minutes, a driving range of 350 miles or more, and a sticker price below $50,000 (Forbes, 2024).


What does this mean for the industry?

The past year has been marked by turbulence in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs), with a cascade of reports signaling a slowdown in adoption. While inevitable, the transition to EVs unfolds at a deliberate pace. 



As fresh EV models flood the market, driving prices downward, the installation charging infrastructure remains a substantial, albeit essential, investment for many governments and individuals alike. 


Crisis on the Horizon?

In fact, a former advisor to the UK government on EV matters paints a cautious picture, foreseeing a shaky road ahead for the next couple of years, suggesting that significant demand acceleration might only materialize later in the decade. Similarly, a senior industry figure voices skepticism, citing EVs as pricier and less appealing despite commitments to phase out traditional engine sales over the next two decades. 


Meanwhile, Tesla, often synonymous with EVs and widely recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles, disclosed a notable decline in profits for the first quarter, reporting $1.1 billion compared to $2.51 billion the previous year. 


So what does this mean for electric vehicle consumers? 

Consumer conversations on social media predominantly center around two key themes: the economic landscape and challenges confronting the automotive sector. 



The discussions comprised 25% of the features of vehicles, along with apprehensions regarding purchasing, selling, or maintaining them, accounting for 75% of conversations. 



Price and affordability emerge as the focal points, garnering significant attention in discussions surrounding cars.


Internet users frequently compare prices across various categories, including new, used, and electric or hybrid cars. These discussions often segue into the multifaceted considerations consumers evaluate when making automotive decisions.



Taking a step further, amidst economic uncertainties, discussions surrounding vehicle financing often go beyond vehicle price considerations, including factors like acquiring, leasing, and maintaining a car. 



Among the myriad of cost-related topics, car loans emerge as the primary focus of discussions, reflecting consumers' keen (or not) interest in exploring financing options. 



The concept of car subscriptions as an alternative to traditional ownership follows closely behind, indicating a shifting paradigm in consumer preferences towards more flexible and accessible mobility solutions. 


CEO Insights on the EV Industry


Discussions abound, examining the topic from multiple perspectives, including insights from company CEOs and regulatory developments concerning Chinese imports and consumer-driven dialogues centering on prices and vehicle performance. 



Notably, the spotlight on Tesla and its controversial CEO remains intense, drawing widespread observation and commentary.


Despite the Tesla Model Y claiming the title of the best-selling car in 2023 and the brand maintaining its position as an industry leader in the EV sector, online conversations frequently pitt Tesla against European counterparts and emerging Chinese contenders.



This comparative analysis has gained traction, particularly following the announcement that BYD surpassed Tesla to clinch the title of the world's largest producer of electric vehicles in Q3 2023. The narrative surrounding Tesla's dominance and its evolving competitive landscape underscores the dynamic nature of the global automotive industry, characterized by fierce competition and rapid innovation.



Despite a resurgence of interest in petrol-powered vehicles in select regions, consumer curiosity remains piqued regarding the challenges inherent to EVs, notably battery range and charging duration. 

On the negative spectrum, attention is drawn to issues such as the working conditions in cobalt mines in the Congo, alongside concerns regarding the risk of fire incidents and reduced range in cold weather conditions. 



Additionally, there are some consumers who are curious as to whether EVs are really more environmentally friendly than petrol cars. 



Conversely, positive narratives surround advancements in battery technology, including new battery types, initiatives focused on battery recycling and notable technological breakthroughs. 

Additionally, discussions highlight the rapid progress in fast-charging infrastructure and collaborative efforts between car manufacturers to enhance battery capabilities. 


High Expectations

As consumer expectations for EVs evolve, demanding faster charging, longer driving ranges, and lower prices, both consumers and brands feel increasing pressure, highlighting the necessity brands need for continual innovation and adaptability to maintain competitiveness in the market.


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