The Top 4 Marketing Trends for Digital Marketers in 2018

As 2018 kicks off, what are some of the key digital trends beyond big data, AI, and machine learning? We asked Asia’s industry leaders for their thoughts on the trends and developments they are most excited for in 2018.

Key Metrics for Data-Driven Crisis Management

Methods for assessing the impact of social media on crisis management strategy and identifying priority concerns with the most relevant metrics and KPIs.

How to Use Social Media Monitoring for Crisis Management

In this hyper connected age, no brand is immune from a threat or crisis. And yet, just 3% of marketers surveyed use it to manage risks. What if you could turn insights from platforms like Facebook, Twitter and forums into a crisis management tool for your company?

Customer Social Media Interaction in 2017

Each minute, a huge amount of social media activity occurs.

The Role of Social Intelligence in Influencer Marketing

A case study which discusses best practices for analyzing influencers based on audience potential, social authority, and relevance to the target audience.

How Insurance Brands Develop Social Selling Strategies

As in many industries, a major challenge in the insurance sector is developing new business by creating audience profiles of prospective clients. Successful prospect analysis calls for insurers to recognize the relationship between profitability and brand activity on social media.

How Brands Can Analyze Hashtags to Better Target Customers

August 23, 2017 marked a very special anniversary in the history of digital media: the tenth birthday of Twitter’s famous hashtags. In the decade...

Deliver a Winning Customer Marketing Strategy With Real-Time Insights in 3...

As brands face increasing challenges in driving customer loyalty, how can brands evolve their customer marketing strategies using social media data?

How to Grow Your Market Share Using Social Media Intelligence

Social media intelligence, through powerful tools, allows brands to collect insights from social media, analyze trends, and use this information to drive the different...

Social Networks: How to Implement a Successful Multichannel Strategy

Adopting a multi-channel strategy Social networks have changed the way we build relationships with peers, businesses, and communities around the world. The digital world...