Interview with an Expert: Influencer Marketing

Eight Questions with Adam Rivietz, Co-founder of #paid What does #paid do for marketers and brands? #paid is a hybrid solution of technology and human expertise....

The 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Social Media Report

Regardless of what you prefer to include in your social media report, it’s essential to include in-depth performance analysis of three key social media elements: community, engagement, and content.

Marrying Online and Offline Channels in Your Customer Experience Strategy

Many marketers have fallen into the habit of viewing their online and offline data sources as two separate entities. But connecting the two can...

3 Must-Have Qualities of a Successful Digital Marketer

Digital marketing has come to encompass more than simple advertising, but rather involves reporting, copywriting, content strategy, creativity, email marketing - the list goes on.

3 ways cosmetics brands can win at social media engagement and...

Maybelline’s since deleted tweet calling followers to vote on whether to stay active on Snapchat in view of declining audience reach, called to mind...

How Should Brands Work with Content Creators? | Socialize Singapore March...

Almost 100 high level marketers from Singapore’s leading brands and agencies, including Tokio Marine, HSBC, Air New Zealand, Golin, and more gathering for an evening of drinks, networking, and content marketing strategies, featuring guest speaker Mediacorp.

Social Media Marketing World 2018 Recap: Keeping The Social in Social...

Social Media Marketing World 2018, an annual conference of more than 5,000 marketers kicked off on February 28th, and some members of Digimind's NYC team were lucky enough to be in attendance!

Monitoring Consumer Behavior and Market Trends with Social Intelligence

A huge number of conversations occur on the internet, and a large part of this information is publicly accessible. With the help of social intelligence and monitoring tools, it’s possible to access and analyze these insights.

4 Effective Strategies for Data-Driven Organizations

By 2019, there will be an estimated 2.77 billion social media users, meaning social media is a key source of consumer insights for brands.

How to Find and Target Your Customers Online

Digimind’s US Campaign Marketing Manager Hiba Haider recently co-hosted a webinar with Kevin Garcia, a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Adroll.