The Role of Social Intelligence in Influencer Marketing

A case study which discusses best practices for analyzing influencers based on audience potential, social authority, and relevance to the target audience.

Big Data Analytics for Marketers: 4 Steps to Use It Effectively

From insights to actions to business value, what are the critical steps marketers need to take to use big data effectively for their campaigns?

Generating Consumer Insights for a Product Launch: ASUS Case Study

A case study on how Asus took advantage of social listening to profile consumers and optimize the launch of a new smartphone.

New on Digimind Social: Interaction Analysis to boost your social media...

Social media interactions have remained one of the most commonly used KPIs by digital marketers for some time. In the marketing funnel, after brand reputation has been established and communities have been developed, the generation of interactions is essential.

How Social Intelligence Oriented Brand Audits Lead to Successful Campaigns

The goal of any brand audit is straightforward: gaining insight into the competitive environment of a brand’s industry. These audits are most vital when it comes to investing in new campaigns.

How Insurance Brands are Reaching Millennials with Content and Social Marketing

The insurance industry is facing marketing challenges posed by a market shift in customer demand towards digital business processes. Millennials in particular are catching the attention of marketers, and for good reason.

Analyzing Customer Feedback with Social Media

Understanding consumer behavior and customer needs is a powerful lever for tailoring content strategy and driving sales. According to, 81% of Americans had at least one social media profile by 2017 - social media channels are full of relevant insights useful for personalizing branded content to fuel rich and adapted marketing services.

5 Objectives to Integrate Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

With the rise of the digital age, brands are becoming more acutely aware of the value of investing in social media strategies. Social media networks are no longer an isolated marketing channel solely dedicated to communication and promotional efforts.

How Insurance Brands Develop Social Selling Strategies

As in many industries, a major challenge in the insurance sector is developing new business by creating audience profiles of prospective clients. Successful prospect analysis calls for insurers to recognize the relationship between profitability and brand activity on social media.

3 Steps to Measure a Crisis’ Impact on Your Brand’s Reputation

The best contingency plans are executed in a timely manner. See how you can quickly measure and analyze the impact of a crisis on your brand's reputation and define your next course of action.