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1 min read sentiment-analysis-in-15-languages-1
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jun 19, 2014

Product Update: Sentiment Analysis in Over 15 Languages

Digimind’s powerful social media monitoring tool, can now automatically detect sentiment in over 15 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Simplified Chinese,...
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2 min read Meerkat_listening
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Feb 26, 2014

Product Update: Digimind Social's Three Powerful New Features

Digimind is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to bring more value to our clients. Today we are very excited to announce a new version of our social media analytics software, Digimind Social, with three new features...
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4 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Feb 10, 2014

3 Social Media Strategies for Universities backed by Social Media Analytics

When it comes to social media strategy, U.S. universities are schooling the masses, but luckily their tactics aren’t just reserved for those with a college fund and the time for a degree. No, brands can learn a lot from higher...
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2 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Feb 5, 2014

Product Update: Rules System for Faster Social Media Listening

Digimind Social is very excited to introduce the Rules System, a powerful new feature that takes social listening automation to the next level, allowing you to further automate the social media monitoring process and save...
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4 min read
Jerome Maisch | Community Manager - Aug 29, 2013

How to win with Social Media? Throw a party for 2 billion people!

Want a winning social media strategy? Learn how to throw a party for 2 billion people. Here we show you how in seven steps.
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4 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Dec 5, 2012

9 Ways To Get More Feedback from Internal Customers

Feedback is a crucial component of the intelligence cycle - it can help practitioners to highlight specific areas for improvement, identify gaps in intelligence ou tput, as well as providing insight into how the intelligence...
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