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Jerome Maisch - Feb 5, 2014

Product Update: Rules System for Faster Social Media Listening

Digimind Social is very excited to introduce the Rules System, a powerful new feature that takes social listening automation to the next level, allowing you to further automate the social media monitoring process and save valuable time. This feature comes at no additional cost and is available immediately.

Digimind’s Rules feature is unique in that it draws on our multi-filter analysis. Using Digimind’s 15 different filters, users can select which filters they want to combine and then assign an action or several actions to that combination of filters.

Check out our latest video for a quick tour of this powerful new feature.

Customize sentiment analysis for 100% accuracy

Automatically tag mentions containing certain keywords or phrases with a particular sentiment. For example, if taxes are a big issue for your company, Digimind Social can automatically tag any mention containing “tax increase” as negative. This ensures that all mentions containing your criteria are automatically marked by the correct sentiment. You can then set an email alert to let you know when the number of negative mentions exceeds a certain amount, allowing you to foresee and deal with problems before they happen.

Automatically assign mentions to improve product development, customer service & workflow

Automatically assign mentions containing certain keywords or phrases to a colleague. For example, if you’re an airline company, Digimind Social can automatically assign any mention containing the words “Delta” and “terrible experience” to your customer service team. This will ensure that your company is providing the best and fastest customer service possible.

Track influencers for instant access to the most relevant information

Digimind Social lets you create rules to track your brand’s influencers. For example, you can automatically categorize mentions depending on their rank. So you can go immediately to your brand’s “Top Influencers” category to see the most impactful mentions.

And that's not all! You can also automatically delete, ignore and save mentions, tag them by topic...the possibilities are endless. Moreover, you can choose to apply these rules to only new incoming mentions or the entire stream of historical mentions.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover