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Jerome Maisch - Feb 26, 2014

Product Update: Digimind Social's Three Powerful New Features

Digimind is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to bring more value to our clients. Today we are very excited to announce a new version of our social media analytics software, Digimind Social, with three new features that will make the social listening process much faster, simpler and more powerful.

Check out this video for a sneak peek!

Product Update: Digimind Social 1.6 is here! from Digimind on Vimeo.

The first of these features is something we’ve called Bulk Actions which allows you to manage massive amounts of mentions in a single click. For example, let’s say you want to delete all mentions of your brand coming from Twitter with an influence rank of less than 2. Simply select “Delete” from the Bulk Actions menu, choose “Select All” and then “Delete Mentions”.  You can also use Bulk Actions to change the sentiment of mentions, tag them, save them, assign them to a colleague or export them to a report. Again, all with one simple click.

The second feature draws on our state-of-the-art semantic technology to let you automatically find similar mentions and then apply the bulk actions we’ve described above. For instance, let’s say there is a very negative mention about your brand from an influential news source. You can choose to find similar mentions containing the relevant keywords suggested by Digimind’s semantic thesaurus  and then assign all of these mentions to a colleague to manage any brand reputation problems accordingly.  This feature will save you a lot time, allowing you to quickly get the information you need and instantly act upon it.

Last and certainly not least, we’ve added the ability to monitor what’s being said about your brand in China, currently the world’s biggest internet population. Specifically, Digimind Social now monitors all mentions coming from Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging website boasting nearly 300 million users, allowing you to follow relevant conversations about your brand in real-time in this massive market.

Stay tuned for another impressive update to Digimind Social in March. In the meantime, you can stay up to date on all the latest social media news and insights via our blog or website.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

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