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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jun 27, 2017

Influencing the Customer Journey with Social | Corporate Social Media Summit June 2017

On Thursday, June 15th, Digimind had the pleasure of participating as a gold sponsor at the annual Corporate Social Media Summit in New York City.
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Austin Williams | Brands - Jun 15, 2017

How Online Retailers Leverage Social Media to Outperform Department Stores

One very silly argument marketers of a certain age tend to make is that millennials are killing department stores. This opinion is equal parts misguided and misleading. Online retailers, in fact, are killing department stores....
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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Jun 12, 2017

Top Challenges and Opportunities for Online Retailers Using Social Listening

Last week, online menswear retailer JackThreads wrapped their “farewell sale,” unloading their merchandise for 70% off as they prepared to officially go out of business. Like most other loses, the death of a brand provides an...
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Austin Williams | Brands - Mar 17, 2017

How to Optimize Your Crisis Management and Monitoring Strategy

Optimizing your crisis management and monitoring strategy on social requires a number of good practices before, during, and after the crisis. Here are the steps you should be taking:
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Melissa Chue | Benchmark - Feb 9, 2017

How to Prove Your ROI with Competitor Analysis

Often, competitor analysis is associated with optimising a company’s strategy in terms of positioning, content marketing, profiling and segmentation, market mapping and business opportunities.
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Melissa Chue | Brands - Jan 12, 2017

20 Best Practices for Managing Your Online Reputation III: Reach & Influence

In part three of our four part series on 20 best practices for managing your online reputation, we look at how brands can optimise their reach and influence.
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2 min read online-repuatation-1-2
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Jan 5, 2017

20 Best Practices for Managing Your Online Reputation II: Employer Branding and Communication

In our previous post on managing your online reputation, we talked about identifying the potential actors and drivers of your brand. This week, we cast the spotlight on a brand's most important asset - its employees.
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Jerome Maisch | Brands - Dec 3, 2016

Definition🎁: "Digital Reputation" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

We are continuing the countdown of our Digital Marketing Advent Calendar! Today's definition from Christophe Asselin,  Digital Marketing Manager - Digimind, is on "Digital Reputation". 
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8 min read
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Aug 30, 2016

Social Media Listening for Crisis Management

When a crisis occurs for any business there is rarely a simple solution to the problem. Once a crisis occurs the only thing a company can control is the way they handle the incident, and how they communicate those efforts. Simply...
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1 min read lexus-apac-creates-perfect-experience-using-social-media-insights
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Aug 17, 2016

Customer Experience Case Study: How Lexus APAC Creates the Perfect Experience Using Social Media Insights

Customer experience is the sum of every emotional reaction consumers have whenever they encounter the brand. Lexus strives to embody the spirit of Japanese hospitality by delivering amazing experiences to their customers, even...
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