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Jerome Maisch - Jul 5, 2016

20 Must-follow Twitter Accounts in Communications

[Tweet "“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. – Epictetus”"]

With Twitter rapidly growing amongst specialist marketer communities, setting your radar in the right direction is essential to be listening, learning and absorbing top insights from leaders in the communications field. Last time we touched upon some of the top CMO Twitter accounts that you should be following; this time we’ve delved deeper down the marketing line and found Social Marketing Directors and Managers with accounts that will help you to make some headway on tapping the top strategies and learning from other marketers across an array of fields.

Alice-Horrigan-Social-Marketing-DirectorsAlice Horrigan
Senior Communications Manager @GE_Digital, Writer and Editor this tweeter has got loads going on. Science isn’t always associated with Social, but on @ITvaluePR they bond seamlessly into the feed.
Follow @ITvaluePR 


Allison Stadd
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager @shakeshack, she’s all about the magic mix of content and community and her feed is full of information that you need to be absorbing.


Ann Glenn
Director of Marketing, Digital and Social Media Social & Digital @wgnamerica, she’s got the thrills and spills on all your favourite social channels.

Anne-Buehner-Social-Marketing-DirectorsAnne Buehner
Director, Social Media and Content Marketing @reddoor, this lady is a serial Tweeter! Amongst it all, she re-tweets up-to-date digital news and she’s still a big fan of Tumblr. Watch out for the Spoiler alerts on your favourite sitcoms though!


Brandon Williams
Director, Digital Marketing & Social Media @PopWeaver. If you want a combination of sports, social insights, data and trends, Brandon is a feed to follow.


Brian Poliakoff
In the Twitter-sphere sometimes those you need to be following are already right at the heart of it. If you need inspiration on combining sport with social, with top insights, Brian, Senior Communications Manager @twitter is the man.

Caludia-Allwood-Social-Marketing-DirectorsClaudia Allwood
Senior Director, US Digital Marketing @BenefitID, Claudia ties in fashion and beauty with key social media insights.

Eb-Jones-Social-Marketing-DirectorsEb Jones
Digital Marketer @CBSRadio, Eb is a Tweeting superstar, sharing all things for your digital and social strategy. She also gains a gold star for her prolific Tweeting giving you content galore!

Felix-Leander-Social-Marketing-DirectorsFelix Leander
From tech innovations to deep sea diving, Director, Digital Marketing @Visa, Felix is sure to keep you on your toes and ahead of the digital game. There’s also a lot of shark content so he’s not for the faint hearted.


Jackie Zima-Evans
Manager, Global Communications @JNJNews, Jackie provides a real balance, between scientific developments, key consumer insights and team leadership, with some politics mixed in too - go follow!


Joanna Rieke
Communications Manager @SantanderBankUS, Joanna, has got it all going on. She’s all about combining finance and social insights, following top political movements and debates. Definitely worth following.


Joseph Barbagallo
Marketing Communications Manager @MaseratiUSA, this guy is craaaazy about cars. He also loves Social Media, Branding, Digital Marketing, so amongst all the sleek rides he posts about there are some key social gems to be found.
Follow @JoeyBabz 


Kara Bautch
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager @MakeAWish, Kara, regularly posts inspirational thoughts and tips about good working habits and top leadership to keep you at the top of your game.


Kerry Gates
With key business insights, top facts and the latest developments in the software technology industry and beyond, Sr Marketing Communications Manager, Talent @Microsoft, Kerry, is making more than just sense of the marketing out there....


Lainey Garcia
Marketing Communications Manager @McDonalds, Lainey posts about industry learnings and lots happening on Social. She’s also hot on event reporting.


Liz Kelley
On a mission to kill buzzwords and filling our lives with plenty of snackable video, Liz, Communications Manager @periscopeco will keep you entertained and clued up - winner!


Martha Gallagher
Senior Manager Content Marketing and Communications @radius she’s all about being creative mixed in with top notch content, she’s also a mom, wanna-be chef, fine and performing arts fan and rugby convert - busy busy busy.


Matt Heindl
Senior Director, Social/Digital Creative @Razorfish, this guy is an Instagram pro, as well as a pretty colourful and engaging feed of pics, he also captures the latest in social developments and internet oddities.


Shanda Maloney
Digital Marketing & Social Media Director @ufc Shanda loves tweeting about sport and UFC, but she’s also hot on the buzz when it comes to trend and app developments.


Tammy Blythe Goodman
Packed with launches and facts from @innovid and beyond. Senior Manager, Public Relations, and Communications at Innovid, film lover and writer, Tammy, is in the big apple and she’s here to stay.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover