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Jerome Maisch - Dec 3, 2016

Definition🎁: "Digital Reputation" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

We are continuing the countdown of our Digital Marketing Advent Calendar! Today's definition from Christophe Asselin,  Digital Marketing Manager - Digimind, is on "Digital Reputation". 

🎈 Definition: "Digital Reputation" 

Digital reputation comprises of a user’s perception of the brand, as well as stories written by the media. Netizens build a brand’s digital reputation based on their personal experience with it, whether through online content or face to face encounters. Channels include: Twitter, forums, Google searches, or even your friends’ reviews on Facebook.

🔎 How about an example?  

In a time of choice, a brand’s digital reputation can impact the buying decision. Competitors can use a brand’s weak points (as gleaned from online conversations) to their advantage.

Lyft’s latest ad campaign is a prime example of how a competitor’s digital reputation can be leveraged. With the on-going war in price and pick-up time, how could Lyft compete against one of the largest ride-sharing services in the US?

Knowing that Uber has a cold, corporate reputation among its drivers, Lyft quickly positioned themselves as a fun company with flexible policies for their drivers in their latest ad campaign. The result? Uber’s president, Jeff Jones wrote on LinkedIn that "Uber will do a much better job listening to drivers and serving their needs.”


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Written by Jerome Maisch

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