8 min read G2-Leader-Digimind-Social-2021
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Sep 15, 2021

Digimind A Constant Leader on G2: Why Companies Love Us

The world’s largest customer review institution for business software and services, G2, has named Digimind a leader in its latest quarterly report for the 14th time consecutively. G2 is where businesses can discover, review...
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7 min read Best-Social-Media-Marketing-Strategies-To-Boost-Branding
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Aug 31, 2021

Best Social Media Marketing Techniques to Boost Branding

Most companies spend 15% to 25% of their digital marketing budget on social media marketing efforts, including organic and paid strategies. As we know, marketing is an essential part of any brand. One study showed that most...
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6 min read
Micah Levin | Digital Marketing - Jul 6, 2021

Handling Brand Crises With Social Listening

There are many types of crises that professionals of all stripes have to deal with when operating within the marketplace. If you work on a crisis management team - usually as a Public Relations (PR) Manager - then you have a...
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10 min read
Micah Levin | Brands - May 24, 2021

The Guide To Your Marketing Spirit Animal

Marketers are interesting folk. Sure, they’re just like you and me, work hard, take care of their families, and so on, but true marketers never truly turn it off, even when actively involved in the most mundane of things. A...
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9 min read
Micah Levin | Content Marketing - Jan 12, 2021

Up Your Social Media Analytics Game With These Top 7 Free & Paid Tools

Look at you, all dressed up and ready to seize the day for your brand through social listening. Well that’s swell, but when you get to the computer *GASP* you realize that you’re without a proper social media analytics tool at...
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10 min read
Micah Levin | Brands - Jan 8, 2021

Improve Your Market Research Game With These Top 7 Free & Paid Tools

The “age of the digital” should really be called the “age of information”, as it facilitates everything we do, and all decisions we make when it comes to our lives - professionally and personally. This bears mentioning because...
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11 min read
Micah Levin | Brands - Dec 30, 2020

Top 11 Must-Use Market Research Companies in 2022

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8 min read
Micah Levin | Brands - Dec 22, 2020

Know Your Millennials: Optimizing Your Consumer Intelligence Efforts For The New Age of Marketing

❤️ “Young people need to be asked what matters to them, not told what matters.” - Jeff Martin, CEO of Tribal Brands Inc.❤️
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6 min read
Micah Levin | Brands - Dec 7, 2020

5 Social Listening Tools Every Marketer Needs To Keep Their Eyes On

Social Listening Is The Name Of The Game
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6 min read
Micah Levin | Brands - Dec 4, 2020

How To Listen To Your Audiences Like A Pro With Social Media Monitoring

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