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With a background in writing and public relations, Ardini's passion for stories drives her journey in marketing and communications. After hours, you can find her chasing sunsets, staying active, or socializing.
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6 min read Blog - 3 Steps to Protect Your Brand Reputation on Social Media
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Oct 28, 2021

3 Steps to Protect Your Brand Reputation on Social Media

“Up to 97% of businesses are located via an online search, and 90% of people surveyed say they're influenced by customer reviews and word of mouth, no matter if they're positive or negative.”
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7 min read
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Oct 20, 2021

How to Identify Issues of a Failed Social Media Campaign

Almost three-quarters of marketers surveyed for a Hootsuite report ranked “increased acquisition of new customers” as their top outcome for social media in 2021, a 58% year-over-year increase.
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6 min read 3-ways-consumer-insights-improve-brand-reputation
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Oct 14, 2021

3 Ways Consumer Insights Improve Brand Reputation

“People mention a good brand experience to an average of nine people, but will talk about a bad experience to 16 people.”
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8 min read Digimind Blog - The importance of your brand experience on social media - Featured Banner
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Oct 8, 2021

The Importance of Your Brand Experience on Social Media

73% of customers view brand experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind price and product quality.
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8 min read G2-Leader-Digimind-Social-2021
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Sep 15, 2021

Digimind A Constant Leader on G2: Why Companies Love Us

The world’s largest customer review institution for business software and services, G2, has named Digimind a leader in its latest quarterly report for the 14th time consecutively. G2 is where businesses can discover, review...
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7 min read Best-Social-Media-Marketing-Strategies-To-Boost-Branding
Ardini Insyirah | Digital Marketing - Aug 31, 2021

Best Social Media Marketing Techniques to Boost Branding

Most companies spend 15% to 25% of their digital marketing budget on social media marketing efforts, including organic and paid strategies. As we know, marketing is an essential part of any brand. One study showed that most...
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