1 min read 8-business-opportunities-you-can-unlock-with-social-media
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Sep 5, 2017

8 Business Opportunities You Can Unlock with Social Media

With over 3 billion active social media users around the world (We Are Social, Global Statshot: Digital in Q3 2017), it is inevitable that social will continue to shape all aspects of business opportunities across industries.
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4 min read
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Aug 18, 2017

The Marketer’s Cheat Sheet to Improve Customer Engagement on Social Media

In January 2016, a feisty redheaded girl began roasting people on Twitter, firing back at her detractors with witty jibes. Her rapid, sardonic takedowns earned her thousands of retweets, likes and views, and it wasn’t long before...
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5 min read computer
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Aug 8, 2017

Increase Website Traffic in 4 Simple Steps Using Social Media

One common website goal for marketing teams is to drive traffic to websites, because if your website isn’t attracting visitors then you won’t be generating sales or achieving your business goals. With that said, driving traffic...
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5 min read how-social-media-monitoring-can-help-increase-brand-awareness-1068x600
Melissa Chue | Brands - Jul 28, 2017

How to Use Social Listening to Increase Brand Awareness

For B2C and B2B companies alike, brand awareness remains a top priority for marketing campaigns. A 2017 survey by Advertiser Perceptions found the top three marketing challenges included reaching potential customers in a...
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3 min read 4-tips-for-increasing-customer-engagement-for-online-retailer
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Jul 26, 2017

4 Tips for Increasing Customer Engagement for Online Retailers

The expectation of an omnichannel customer experience means brands need to create a seamless customer journey across all possible touch points, from e-commerce websites to owned media channels. With 303 million active social...
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8 min read 5-benefits-of-Social-Listening-for-your-Content-marketing-1
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Jun 28, 2017

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Content Strategy with Social Listening Techniques

With 70% of consumers preferring to discover a brand by content rather than by advertising, it’s no secret that content has grown to be an important part of a marketer’s arsenal. In addition, Nielsen’s Global Trust Advertising...
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3 min read how-digimind-influenced-SMW
Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Mar 9, 2017

How Digimind Influenced SMW: A Recap Through Tweets

According to the numbers, Digimind was the top influencer throughout Social Media Week. Here's a break down of what that means:
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3 min read feature-image-for-definitions-13
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Dec 22, 2016

Definition🎁: "Buyer's Journey" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

We're almost there! Today, Kepios Founder and social media expert, Simon Kemp shares his two cents on "Buyer's Journey", and how to master it.
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1 min read feature-image-for-definitions-12
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Dec 20, 2016

Definition🎁: "Brand Advocacy" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

This Tuesday, McDonalds' Global Social Campaign and Advocacy Manager, Elly Deutsch defines "Brand Advocacy" for us - why it matters, as well as a couple of success stories.
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2 min read feature-image-for-definitions-11
Melissa Chue | Community Manager - Dec 19, 2016

Definition🎁: "Bots" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

It's the last week before Christmas and we can't be more excited to bring you our last roundup of 2017's key marketing definitions. This Monday, Zeno Group Singapore's Managing Director, Matt Collette fills us in on Bots.
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