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Austin Williams - Mar 9, 2017

How Digimind Influenced SMW: A Recap Through Tweets

According to the numbers, Digimind was the top influencer throughout Social Media Week. Here's a break down of what that means:

From live-tweeting sessions to posting daily reviews on our blog to throwing our own rooftop networking party, Digimind was all over Social Media Week—to analyze how influential our activity was, we used our own product, Digimind Social, to take a look at the numbers.

The top 10 influencers of Social Media Week:

SMW top influencers

Through all of our tweeting, posting, and partying, we topped the list of Social Media Week influencers fairly convincingly. What exactly does this mean? Digimind (1) talked about Social Media Week more than any SMW New York account (3) talked about itself—because we love conferences just that much!

The media breakdown of Social Media Week mentions:

SMW media breakdown

As you can see, most SMW chatter took place on Twitter. This shouldn't come as a shock. In a sense, Twitter is to social media as Google is to the internet—it's the go-to platform when considering the medium.

Digimind SMW Twitter Trend

Sensing this trend, we expended much of our energy on Twitter, with 193 total mentions for the week, peaking the same night we hosted Socialize NYC.

Why should a brand care about being a top influencer?

Digimind influencer hierarchy

As a brand develops its presence on social media, it positions itself within an ecosystem of other influencers, which Digimind Social tracks as a "hierarchy map"—a break down of both who a brand is influenced by, and who that same brand has an influence on.

Within this network of influencers, a brand can benefit from having the top voice in a few different ways.

Usually, once a brand becomes a top influencer, what happens first is they're considered an established and credible voice within their field or industry. Ideally, what comes next is the actual "influence"—lifts in engagement, sales, and sentiment, especially among consumers who wouldn't have otherwise come in contact with the brand.

Take a look below at a few examples of how Digimind went about pushing that lift on Twitter, as we recap the conference through some of the tweets we posted that week:

















For a brand to become a credible influencer, all it takes is the right event and the right content to boost engagement. Once that tide rises, all other KPI's should as well. For more on Social Media Week from Digimind's point of view, be sure to check out our daily recaps of the best presentations of each day!

Written by Austin Williams

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