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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Mar 30, 2017

Digimind Enjoyed Some Fun in the Sun at Social Media Marketing World

As we've mentioned before, here at Digimind, we love a good conference. In fact, the only thing we love more than a good conference is a good recap. So, naturally, here's a recap of Social Media Marketing World—a really awesome...
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Austin Williams | Brands - Mar 22, 2017

One on One With Sarah Troncone of Cohn & Wolfe: What's Her Next Move

During Social Media Week, Digimind had the chance to catch up with some notable influencers and industry leaders. In this series, we chat one on one with digital media’s best and brightest—this time with Sarah Troncone of Cohn &...
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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Mar 10, 2017

Event Recap: Digimind Dispelled the Mystery of Metrics at Socialize NYC

Last week was a blast! Check out the highlights in the video above and read on for a full recap of a truly magical evening.
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6 min read digimindatconference
Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Mar 9, 2017

How Digimind Influenced SMW: A Recap Through Tweets

According to the numbers, Digimind was the top influencer throughout Social Media Week. Here's a break down of what that means:
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Austin Williams | Build Strategy - Feb 16, 2017

How to Measure the ROI of Your Advertising Campaign.

In advertising, it's essential to measure the social impact and ROI of your campaigns. This measurement will allow you to analyze your performance, improve future campaigns, and develop other opportunities.
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Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Oct 19, 2016

Watch: 10 Questions About Social Media ROI with Jim Guzman of MRM//McCann

Social media ROI is critical for tracking and measuring the performance of your social media activities. For brands that are expanding into social for their digital initiatives, how can they align it with their overall business...
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2 min read social-media-management
Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Sep 14, 2016

The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Social Media Monitoring

In TNS’ Asia Pacific Marketing Monitor 2016 report, 46% of 2, 250 marketers surveyed cited social media monitoring as a metric that informs marketing planning.
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8 min read Facebook Reactions analysis is only relevant when crossed with social, demographic and geographical criteria and products
Jerome Maisch | Facebook - Apr 7, 2016

Facebook Reactions : why collecting emotions is a marketing essential

On February 24, Facebook introduced us to some new emoticons - Facebook Reactions! These allow their users, you and me alike, to respond to timeline posts via a range of feelings; these have now been extended further to include...
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2 min read Concept Car Hyundai
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jan 14, 2015

How Online Monitoring empowers Content Marketing Strategy at Hyundai Motor Europe

This post is also available in German
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