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Jerome Maisch - Jul 29, 2016

[Infographic] The benefits of Twitter Digital Marketing

With between 80 to 90 million unique visitors in the US alone (Statista, 2015), Twitter Digital Marketing has become an absolute must for your Social Media and overall digital marketing strategy. 59% of tweeters are under 34, 45% are women and 74% are following brands (Twitter, 2016), many of whom can participate in creating and sustaining your brand image, company reputation, alongside overall consumer experience.

Twitter crucially enables you to:

Detect trends

86% of users say they use Twitter for news. Tweeters follow Twitter for the latest news and trend intelligence because it's a great source for media reactions and real-time sharing. You can follow and anticipate trends and waves of opinions, but also understand an emerging buzz or potential crises developments.

Understand your clients

67% of tweeters tap networks like Twitter & Facebook for Customer Service. Twitter is therefore also a great place to exchange with both your current or potential clients. Listening to Twitter captures consumer reviews, so you can learn about user product/service experiences as well as analyze their perception of a communication campaign and proactively detect their needs and how they research the brand.

Identify the right people

In 2014, 42 Fortune 500 CEOs were on Twitter and this is now rapidly growing. Interacting and communicating through Twitter allows you, for many industries, to find specialists and opinion leaders making headway by regularly posting content as well as high quality sources and data.

Through this infographic, discover the benefits of Twitter for your Social Media strategies:


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Written by Jerome Maisch

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