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Jerome Maisch - Aug 22, 2016

20 Twitter accounts to follow for social media marketing trends

As a young industry social media marketing is still changing, and sometimes rapidly. Social media monitoring tools can make it easier to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, but if that's not in the budget, try adding these accounts to your twitter feed for the latest in social media marketing trends.

Introducing this week's top 20 Twitter accounts:

jeffbullasJeff Bullas
@JeffBullas a guru in the social media marketing and content space. With his insightful reviews and research, he is the thought leader to follow when it comes to social media marketing.

garyvaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk
Entrepreneur and social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk is always a great source for new trends and ideas for the business world.

timfargoTim Fargo
@alphabetsuccess keeps followers up to date on social trends and tools for success in marketing. Check out a stream with follower engagement and shared real world experience.

kerrybuttersKerry Butters
@Kesbutters pumps out content about social media as quickly as you can read it. Her posts are engaging and informative for those in the social media space.

michaelschiemerMike Schiemer
If you like social media, finance, and business management then you'll love this account. @MikeSchiemer tweets about all of all of the above, along with insights from business behemoths.

markfidelmanMark Fidelman
Mark is in the social media influencer space and regularly shares content related to social media and marketing.

nealschafferNeal Schaffer
New to the social media marketing game? @NealSchaffer walks you through "A Day in the Life of a Social Media Marketer." It's a great account for learning the basics.

pammoorePam Moore
@PamMktgNut is the CEO of Marketing Nutz and is a social media consultant. Her channel is a trove of social media insights.

tamaramclearyTamara McCleary
The CEO of Thulium Co. as well as a brand influencer; Tamara McCleary is a social media veteran who keeps on top of social media trends.

rossquintanaRoss Quintana
A self-proclaimed thought-changer and growth hacker. Ross posts a steady stream of interesting content.

hichamchraibiHicham Chraibi
@hichamchraibi brings a computer scientist's view to content marketing and social media. Check out his latest tweet about how to "win the game" when it comes to social.

ianmullaneIan Mullane
Ian is an advocate of social analytics, digital marketing and EFC. His channel is a great resource for the latest in those areas.

edleakeEd Leake
Ed is a top influencer in digital marketing, and an expert in PPC advertising.


rebekahradiceRebekah Radice
CMO, brand evangelist, award winning social media writer and strategist. A great follow for those looking to learn more about current trends in social media.

jamesmaloneJames Malone
Content marketing, social media & PR for tech, internet and mobile industries. If any of the above interests you, check out this channel.

reginaldchanReginald Chan
This channel is great for real solutions to practical problems digital marketers face every day. You can expect to find tips related to content writing, internet marketing and SEO.

regsaddlerRegs Addler
@zaibatsu shares great content on companies that use social for customer engagement and community information. Regs is a great resource for social marketers.

marshacollierMarsha Collier
Marsha Collier is spot on when it comes to social media marketing through the use of influencers. Follow Marsha to find out how to use influencer pull to boost your brand on social media.

juntaedelaneJuntae DeLane
Founder of DI Web and does digital branding at USC. Juntae DeLane is another great social media and marketing resource.

clementjacqueminClement Jacquemin
Clement tweets about digital marketing and the latest news in that space.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover